Over the last few years, TVs have been steadily increasing in size. In 2004 the average size of a TV was just 27 inches. This seems tiny compared to today when many people buy TVs with display diagonals of 55 inches and above.

Not only the sizes of TVs have changed, the picture quality has also improved significantly. The old 480p screen resolution was superseded by 720p and now 1080p Full HD has become the new standard. Even higher TVs with 4k and even 8K resolution are now on the market. As prices for these Ultra High Definition TVs keep dropping more and more people will be tempted to consider them.

There is a never ending flood of new TV models, sizes and resolution becoming available. In order to pick the right size TV it is useful to understand the factors that should be considered when choosing a TV. Continue reading

The Chief of the Dessana's Tribe
The chief of the Dessanas tribe

Max Cohen is a photographer and currently lives in Porto Allegre, Brazil. Max started photographing the Brazilian rainforest and its people three years ago. His work presents us with a unique view of the world. He is not necessarily interested to show the raw images captured by the camera but uses them as the basis to create a piece of art in accordance with his own vision. Max exhibited his work at the SoHo ArtHouse Gallery, New York City last year.

In this interview Max talks about his passion for his native Brazil, his fascination with photography and some of his favourite shots. Continue reading

Curved screen TV logo

Curved screen TVs have been on the market for well over a year now and prices have continued to fall. Does this mean you should you consider this new screen type or stick with a flat screen? Are they worth the extra money, or a marketing gimmick?

In today’s post we’re looking at the pros and cons of curved screen TVs versus more traditional flat screens and why should or should not consider buying one. Continue reading

photography tips header showing DSLR camera

Taking good photographs can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Composing the image, waiting for the right moment and getting to grips with the technical aspects of digital photography can be confusing.

But following just a few simple tips can make a huge difference to the quality of photos you take. Continue reading


Today we launched the US version of Kagoo.

So far, Kagoo has focussed on the United Kingdom and is currently partnering with about 70 retailers to bring the best prices from a range of online and high street stores to our users.

Launching the US version of Kagoo is an exciting step forward for our team and we are looking forward to work with a large variety of retailers in the United States.

The US version of Kagoo can be reached at, while the address of Kagoo UK remains unchanged

Vacuum cleaner banned by EU regulation

Many popular vacuum cleaners will soon disappear as new EU regulations will no longer allow manufacturers to produce or import models with a power consumption of more than 1,600 watts after September 1, 2014. Consumers have been urged to buy more powerful models before they sell out.

While a common sales tactic has been to focus on a vacuum cleaner’s wattage, it is a poor indicator of suction power.

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The sharp rise of energy prices in the UK has been mentioned a lot in the press and household electricals are a major consumer of electricity. It can be surprising just how much electricity your oven, washing machine and large screen TV can use and how this impacts on your electricity bills.

Most people assume that a large part of their electricity cost is a result of a few appliances using a large amount of electricity, but it is usually difficult and time-consuming to identify these and work out the cost based on the usage and the price of electricity. Continue reading