Indesit NCAA 55 vs LEC TS48112

Indesit NCAA 55
LEC TS48112

Top Prices

Reasons For

14 Reasons For
22 Shops Are Selling it
Two More Freezer Shelves/baskets
Bigger Gross Freezer Capacity
Energy Efficiency Rating is Higher
One More Vegetable Drawer
Larger Total Gross Capacity
50% Larger Fridge Gross Capacity
49% Larger Net Fridge Capacity
49% Larger Total Net Capacity
Larger Net Freezer Capacity
A Lot Longer Storage Time During Power Failure
Newer by Two Months
Cheaper by £10
Better Selling
8 Reasons For
Considerably Better User Reviews
Energy Efficiency Rating is Better
28% Cheaper to Run
37% Shorter
One More Fridge Shelve Basket
Quieter Noise Level
27mm Shallower

Reasons Against

7 Reasons Against
User Review Rating is Considerably Worse
One Less Fridge Shelve Basket
Higher Running Costs Over Five Years by £157.34
28% Taller
75mm Wider
A Little Louder Noise Level
27mm Deeper
13 Reasons Against
2x Smaller Gross Freezer Capacity
Two Less Freezer Shelves/baskets
One Less Vegetable Drawer
Smaller Total Gross Capacity
97% Smaller Fridge Gross Capacity
95% Smaller Net Fridge Capacity
94% Smaller Total Net Capacity
Smaller Net Freezer Capacity
Less Retailers
A Lot Shorter Storage Time During Power Failure
Older by Two Months
More Expensive by £10
Less Popular

Average User Rating

Sales Rank

#41 in Fridge Freezers #51 in Fridge Freezers

Running Costs Over 10 Years

Electricity cost - switched on £ 568.31
Electricity cost - standby £ -
Total running cost £ 568.31
Purchase price £ 204.00
Total cost of ownership £ 772.31
Electricity cost - switched on £ 410.97
Electricity cost - standby £ -
Total running cost £ 410.97
Purchase price £ 213.88
Total cost of ownership £ 624.85

Energy Efficiency Class

Environmental Impact

Running this fridge freezer over 10 years will generate 2.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2).
To offset that much CO2 you would need to plant and grow them for 10 years.
Running this fridge freezer over 10 years will generate 2.0 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2).
To offset that much CO2 you would need to plant and grow them for 10 years.


Case Design
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(Add value)
Door Hinge
(Add value)
Shelve Material
 Reversible door
(Add reversible door value)


Total Net Capacity
217L 112L
Noise Level
43dB 39dB
Climate Classes
 SN (Subnormal) - T (Tropical)
 ST (Subtropical)
 SN (Subnormal) - T (Tropical)
 ST (Subtropical)
Total Gross Capacity
228L 115L


Net Fridge Capacity
150L 77L
(Add bottle rack value)
 Bottle rack
(Add egg balcony value)
 Egg balcony
Door Balconies
3 3
Vegetable Drawers
2 1
Fridge Shelves Baskets
2 3
 Fridge automatic defrost function
(Add fridge automatic defrost function value)
 Fridge interior light
(Add fridge interior light value)
Fridge Gross Capacity
155L 79L


Net Freezer Capacity
67L 35L
Storage Time During Power Failure
15h 10h
 Ice cube tray
 Ice cube tray
Minimum Freezer Temperature
(Add value)
Freezer Shelves/baskets
3 1
Star Rating
4* 4*
Freezer Capacity
2kg/24h 2kg/24h
Gross Freezer Capacity
73L 36L
Freezer Position

Fresh Zone

 Fresh zone compartment
(Add fresh zone compartment value)


Electric Current
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Annual Energy Consumption
242kWh 175kWh
Connected Load
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Energy Efficiency Class

Weight & Dimensions

550mm 475mm
1,570mm 1,146mm
540mm 513mm
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Package Weight
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Packaging Height
1,610mm 1,213mm
Packaging Depth
660mm 580mm
Packaging Width
600mm 540mm

Other Features

 Anti-bacterial function
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Form Factor
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