Neff B12S32N3GB vs Neff B14M42N3GB

Neff B12S32N3GB
Neff B14M42N3GB

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Reasons For

2 Reasons For
Three times lower maximum power consumption Edit
The Neff B12S32N3GB has a maximum power consumption of 790W, but the Neff B14M42N3GB is a 2,850W maximum power consumption oven (2,060W higher).
4.4kg lighter Edit
The Neff B12S32N3GB is a 29.9kg weight oven. That's 4.4kg lighter than the Neff B14M42N3GB (34.2kg).
3 Reasons For
Seven auto programs Edit
The number of auto programs on the Neff B14M42N3GB is seven, but the Neff B12S32N3GB only has three auto programs.
Cheaper by £128
The Neff B14M42N3GB costs £297.00, whereas the Neff B12S32N3GB is £425.00.
11 shops are selling it
The more shops stock the product, the greater competition amongst shops to keep prices low.

Reasons Against

3 Reasons Against
Only three auto programs Edit
The Neff B12S32N3GB has three auto programs, however the Neff B14M42N3GB only has seven auto programs.
More expensive by £128
The Neff B12S32N3GB is £128 more expensive than the Neff B14M42N3GB.
Less retailers
The Neff B12S32N3GB is only stocked by 3 stores, whereas the Neff B14M42N3GB is stocked by 14 stores. Read more
Fewer numbers of shops reduces the price competition amongst retailers for the product and also reduces the chances of this oven remaining in stock.
2 Reasons Against
Significantly higher maximum power consumption Edit
The Neff B14M42N3GB has a maximum power consumption of 2,850W, whereas the Neff B12S32N3GB is a 790W maximum power consumption oven (2,060W lower).
13% heavier Edit
The Neff B14M42N3GB is a 34.2kg weight oven. That's 4.4kg heavier than the Neff B12S32N3GB (34.2kg).

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2 Years 2 Years


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Interior Light
 Interior light
 Interior light


Glass Door Panel
1 1
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 Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
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Installation Compartment Dimensions
593 x 560 x 550 593 x 560 x 550

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