Belling BI90FP vs Neff U14M42N3GB

Belling BI90FP
Neff U14M42N3GB

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Reasons For

2 Reasons For
2x lower maximum power consumption Edit
The Belling BI90FP has a maximum power consumption of 2,000W, whereas the Neff U14M42N3GB is a 5,700W maximum power consumption oven (3,700W higher).
Lighter Edit
The Belling BI90FP is a 40kg weight oven. That's 13.4kg lighter than the Neff U14M42N3GB (53.4kg).
2 Reasons For
Better selling
The Neff U14M42N3GB ranks No. 8238 by number of sales, however the Belling BI90FP ranks No. 11014.
Better manufacturer's guarantee by one year
The Neff U14M42N3GB comes with a two year guarantee from the manufacturer, however the Belling BI90FP has a one year guarantee.

Reasons Against

2 Reasons Against
Less popular
The Belling BI90FP is a less popular choice amongst buyers. It ranks No. 11014 by number of sales in our ovens, but the Neff U14M42N3GB ranks No. 8238.
Shorter manufacturer's guarantee by one month years
The manufacturer's guarantee of the Belling BI90FP is one year less than the Neff U14M42N3GB.
3 Reasons Against
Hugely higher maximum power consumption Edit
The Neff U14M42N3GB has a maximum power consumption of 5,700W, but the Belling BI90FP is a 2,000W maximum power consumption oven (3,700W lower).
26% heavier Edit
The Neff U14M42N3GB is a 53.4kg weight oven. That's 13.4kg heavier than the Belling BI90FP (53.4kg).
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49 months Ago 49 months Ago

Manufacturer's Warranty

1 Year 2 Years


Oven Type
Cleaning Type
Interior Light
 Interior light
 Interior light


Glass Door Panel
1 1
Display Type
Control Type
Oven Colour
 Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
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Installation Compartment Dimensions
880 x 560 x 550 886 x 560 x 550

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