Indesit FID10IX vs Neff U14M42N3GB

Indesit FID10IX
Neff U14M42N3GB

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Reasons For

2 Reasons For
7x lower maximum power consumption Edit
The Indesit FID10IX is a 790W maximum power consumption oven. That's 4,910W lower than the Neff U14M42N3GB (5,700W).
20% lighter Edit
The Indesit FID10IX has a weight of 44.5kg, however the Neff U14M42N3GB is a 53.4kg weight oven (8.9kg heavier).
1 Reason For
One year longer manufacturer's guarantee
The manufacturer's guarantee provided with the Neff U14M42N3GB is two years, however it is one year for the Indesit FID10IX.

Reasons Against

1 Reason Against
One month years shorter manufacturer's guarantee
The Indesit FID10IX's manufacturer's guarantee is one year less than the Neff U14M42N3GB.
3 Reasons Against
87% higher maximum power consumption Edit
The Neff U14M42N3GB is a 5,700W maximum power consumption oven. That's 4,910W higher than the Indesit FID10IX (5,700W).
8.9kg heavier Edit
The Neff U14M42N3GB has a weight of 53.4kg, whereas the Indesit FID10IX is a 44.5kg weight oven (8.9kg lighter).
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49 months Ago 49 months Ago

Manufacturer's Warranty

1 Year 2 Years


Oven Type
Cleaning Type
Interior Light
 Interior light
 Interior light


Glass Door Panel
1 1
Display Type
Control Type
Oven Colour
 Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
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Installation Compartment Dimensions
875 x 560 x 550 886 x 560 x 550

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