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DELL 710
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DELL 710 Editor's Choice Hot Buy Editor's Choice PC Mag Editor's Choice Editor's Choice
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6 Reasons For

Five Industry Awards

This DELL PC has received five awards from computer experts.

This DELL desktop computer received an "Editor's Choice" from PC Mag,, and all of whom thought that this DELL PC was exceptional.

This personal computer received a "Hot Buy" award from

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Good Expert Reviews

The average expert rating of this desktop computer is 83 out of 100 based on twelve expert reviews from sites including, Techradar, PC Mag and PC That puts this computer in the top 12% of all the recently released personal computers.

Nice Design

Several DELL 710 owners who purchased the product mentioned that it was a good design. Techradar mentioned “Bold design” . Pc said in their DELL 710 review “Striking chassis design”.

A few customers concluded that this PC was good looking. said in their review of the DELL 710 “Its a powerful machine with an individual design thats both functional and stylish”. Nine years ago expert website said in their review “Most of us would consider a thousand pounds a pretty handsome sum to spend on a PC” and scored it 5 stars.

A number of DELL 710 owners mentioned in their reviews that the product was smooth. said on expert website PC Mag “Offering typically smooth Dell performance and stability”. Pc mentioned in their DELL 710 review “Smooth and stable” and scored the DELL 710 5 stars.

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DELL Has Good PC Reviews

On average DELL personal computers have good reviews compared to other brands as do all computers manufactured by DELL.

Acceptable Noise Level

Three DELL 710 reviewers who reviewed it thought it was quiet. mentioned “Liquid nitrogen quick-shot monsters, "silent" water-cooling solutions”. Techradar gave this PC a score of 5 stars and mentioned in their review of this PC nine years ago “Quiet, once the system boots up”. Also nine years ago Pc wrote “Relatively quiet even under load”.

Good for Gaming

One DELL 710 reviewer who purchased the DELL 710 wrote that it was good for gaming. Techradar wrote in their review of this PC “Massive Windows XP gaming performance” and scored the DELL 710 5 stars.

2 Reasons Against

A Bit Expensive

Some people who reviewed it considered that it was not cheap. wrote in their review on expert website PC nine years ago “Its very expensive” but they scored it 5 stars.

Not Good in Terms of Size

A number of DELL 710 reviewers who reviewed it thought it was not heavy and bulky. Pc mentioned nine years ago “Case is very heavy and large” in their review of this PC but despite that they still rated this PC 5 stars.

1 Other reason to consider the DELL 710

Released Ten Months Ago

This computer was released ten months ago.

5 Awards Editor's Choice Hot Buy Editor's Choice PC Mag Editor's Choice Editor's Choice

Expert Reviews

17 September 2007

One of the most powerful PCs you can get off the peg, it?ll handle absolutely anything you throw at it...

18 April 2007

Were still recovering from the battering to our self-esteem that the last XPC gave us. Its steely goliath of a case is designed to humble, to make a man feel like a boy. Last time around, though,... Read more…

About as mighty as they come
Icy-cool factory overclock
Bold design
Fast components
Factory overclocked
Panic-inducing price
Dodgy software overload
Limited memory bandwidth
Youll need a second mortgage to buy one
Takes up a lot of desk or floor space
11 April 2007

The 710 H2C is a stunning-looking and blisteringly quick computer -- it makes the vast majority of PCs look like pocket calculators. Buy one if you have the cash. Hell, buy us one too...

19 March 2007

Dell cranks it up to 11 with its latest, the XPS 710 H2C. The H2C stands for "hot to cold," which cools the overclocked Core 2 Extreme processor more intelligently than previous cooling solutions...

PC Mag

8 March 2007

This is a stunning machine. Its very expensive, and the lack of Windows Vista as standard is bizarre, but it has just about everything you could possibly want in a PC. And dont forget Dells...

Quad-core CPU brings forward-looking performance
Dells XPS 700-series chassis remains one of the most unique-looking PC cases on the market
Large case means lots of expandability
Good expandability
Well mannered
Outperformed by much cheaper competitors
Dells long qualification periods for new graphics hardware might mean more reliability, but it also means that other PCs have next-gen hardware today that the XPS 710 doesnt offer
Heavy and expensive
590 SLI for Intel implementation lacks some features
Users must take the risk of overclocking

The Dell XPS 710 may require a slightly deeper pocket than your average PC, but its a powerful machine with an individual design thats both functional and stylish. Notes # This product is no...

19 February 2007

Last summer, Dell agreed to purchase Alienware in a controversialmerger of two very different companies. Alienware, whowas lookingtoraise capital to fund its world-wide expansion, found a good... Read more…

7 December 2006

For the hardcore gaming crowd, there?s nothing like building your own PC. Not only can you mix and match the best system components, you can also tweak your custom built PC to your heart?s content... Read more…

15 November 2006

The XPS 710 brings quad-core processing to Dells flagship desktop, but competing systems from others outshine this system in too many ways for us to recommend it. We still like the case and the...

14 November 2006

Underneath the striking red and silver exterior lurks a system thats curiously lacking in bleeding-edge features. But performance is reasonable, if unexceptional, and Dell does build in...

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