HP Omni 10 vs HP Slate 8 Pro

HP Omni 10
HP Slate 8 Pro

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Reasons For

1 Reason For
Expert reviews are slightly better
The HP Omni 10 has an average expert review score of 80%, whereas the HP Slate 8 Pro has an average rating of 78% (based on 45 reviews).
2 Reasons For
17 shops are selling it
A greater number of sellers increases the chances of the product remaining in stock and also increases the price competition amongst retailers for this tablet.
Better selling
The HP Slate 8 Pro ranks No. 55288 by number of sales, however the HP Omni 10 ranks No. 152684.

Reasons Against

2 Reasons Against
Fewer sellers
Only 1 seller sell the HP Omni 10, but 18 retailers sell the HP Slate 8 Pro. Read more
The smaller the number of stores that stock this tablet, the lower the competition amongst stores to keep prices low.
Worse selling
The HP Omni 10 ranks No. 152684 by sales volume, whereas the HP Slate 8 Pro ranks No. 55288.
2 Reasons Against
Older by five months
The HP Slate 8 Pro is five months older than the HP Omni 10.
Expert review Rating is slightly Worse
The HP Slate 8 Pro's average expert score is only 78%, however the HP Omni 10's is 80% (based on 37 reviews).


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01net.com: 4 Star
itpro.co.uk: Recommended

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