Samsung T22E390 vs Samsung T24E390

Samsung T22E390
Samsung T24E390

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Reasons For

1 Reason For
Cheaper by £30
The Samsung T22E390 is £29.76 cheaper than the Samsung T24E390.
3 Reasons For
Available from 3 shops
A greater number of retailers increases the chances of this TV remaining in stock and also increases the price competition amongst retailers for the product.
More popular
The Samsung T24E390 is a more popular choice amongst buyers. It ranks No. 26585 by sales volume in our TVs, however the Samsung T22E390 ranks No. 154189.
User reviews are a bit better
Based on 3 user reviews, the Samsung T24E390 has an average review score of 73%, however the Samsung T22E390 has an average rating of 70% (based on 2 reviews).

Reasons Against

3 Reasons Against
Fewer sellers
The Samsung T22E390 is only stocked by 6 stores, but the Samsung T24E390 is stocked by 9 retailers. Read more
The fewer the number of shops that stock the product, the lower the competition amongst shops to keep prices low.
Less popular
The Samsung T22E390 is a less popular choice amongst buyers. It ranks No. 154189 by number of sales in our TVs, whereas the Samsung T24E390 ranks No. 26585.
User review Rating is a little Worse
The average user rating of the Samsung T22E390 is only 70%, whereas the average user rating of the Samsung T24E390 is 73% (based on 3 reviews).
1 Reason Against
£30 more expensive
The Samsung T24E390 is more expensive than the Samsung T22E390 by £29.76.

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