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Canon Legria HF R56
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A fully featured and classic 32x optical zoom 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution video camera
32x 1920 X 1080 (Full HD) Pixels 3.2MP 1" Oct 2014
Optical Zoom Max Video Resolution Total Megapixels Optical Sensor Size Release Date
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Canon Legria HF R56 Review

With excellent reviews and features, we have ranked the Canon Legria HF R56 number 253 across all camcorders.
57 Reviews
3 Years Old
Overall Score
Very Good

Why Has it Scored 75?

It has very good user reviews with an average user rating of 90%, based on 57 reviews. HP camcorders also have excellent reviews in general.
This camcorder is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer video cameras with better features are available. However it has good reviews so it may still be worth considering. View the latest video cameras 2018.
This Canon camcorder has some great features:
Bigger than average optical zoom
7 cinema-look filters includ
Various video formats for versatile application matching different scenes and needs
IA HF r56 supports a range of video formats for selection according to different scenes and shooting needs. full HD recording in 1920 x 1080 resolution is supported for exceptional video quality, and mp4 format with maximum 35mbps recording bit rate is available for clear capture of true-to-life videos with fine details. LEGRIA HF r56 is also compatible for shooting full HD videos in 50p under AVCHD or mp4 format, ideal for motion subjects such as sports or dance performance. blur-free images can be ensured, resulting in high quality videos showing clear movements. in addition, LEGRIA HF r56 can record both AVCHD and mp4 formats simultaneously, bringing high compatibility with different media for playback for enhanced efficiency, such as burning a blu-ray disc directly with AVCHD videos and sending mp4 videos to mobile devices or social networking si
Full HD recording in versatile media for unlimited shooting flexibility
IA HF r56 is compatible with SD, SDHC & SDXC memory cards as recording media to bring more flexible recording capacity. unconstrained recording can be achieved through unlimited memory expansion simply by replacing the memory cards. users no longer have to worry about the limited recording memory even when access to computer is unavailable. the dual memory camcorder LEGRIA HF r56 features a built-in 8gb flash memory which enables recording up to 3 hours of HD video under LP mode using AVCHD format. it also supports relay recording function. when the flash memory is used up, it will automatically shift to SD, SDHC or SDXC memory cards to continue the recording, ensuring no single moment will be missed even for long time record
Cinema style features for dramatic movie effects
IA HF r56 adds an extra dimension of creativity to the videos with cinema-look filters and touch decoration. these effects can be applied either while shooting or afterwards on LEGRIA HF r56, allowing greater flexibility and expanded creativ
Built-in cinema-look filters
Nema standard - adjust the lighting contrast for enhanced cinema style<br>- old movies - reproduce the simulated scratch lines and jitters<br>- sepia - use sepia tint for an antique and faded look<br>- nostalgic - recreate the look of old 70s TV programs in high contrast and low saturation<br>- vivid - bright and cheerful colors<br>- cool - a bluish tint for a futuristic look<br>- dramatic black & white - a high contrast monochromatic
Built-in intelligent optical image stabilization for steady and smooth videos
Touch decoration
Uch decoration function is added to the LCD touch panel. users can draw directly on the LCD to add text and drawings for video embellishment. A range of frames, stamps, date, time and animation effects are available for selection. you can even mix the effects together to create your own special eff
Audio scene select function for easy creation of videos with excellent sound
IA HF r56 features audio scene select function for simplified audio setting customization. 5 audio scenes are available for selection, including standard, musical performance, speech, forest & bird sound and noise suppression. once selected, the camcorder will automatically adjust to the optimal audio setting to provide the best possible microphone recording direction, audio frequency response as well as sound level for different recording scenes. with quick and easy operation, you can achieve realistic and immersive audio effect for your videos. manual audio setting is also provided for more precise controls to meet the specific ne
38 auto scene detection modes for perfect capture of people, landscapes and objects
IA HF r56 features 38 auto scene detection modes. simply by pointing the camcorder to the subject or scene, the system will combine human subject, shooting distance, brightness, color temperature and movement information to analyze, and automatically select the optimal shooting scene out of 38 different pre-set scene modes. best results of vivid and sharp videos can be achieved effortlessly with no manual setting nee
IA HF r56 is also equipped with an intelligent optical image stabilization (ois) where the camcorder will automatically switch among 4 types of stabilization modes including dynamic IS, powered IS, marco IS and tripod mode according to shooting conditions. this can minimize camcorder vibration or hand shake to ensure steady and smooth videos at all ti
IA HF r56 supports 5-axis dynamic image stabilization system for effective correction of camcorder movements across 5 axes, including tilt movements along the horizontal, vertical and lateral axis, and up-down or left-right shift movements. this guarantees high level of image stability in all situations. furthermore, image distortion due to tilt movements along the horizontal, vertical and lateral axis can be substantially reduced, ensuring exceptional video performance even shooting with a handheld camcorder while walk
Has an image stabilizer
S devices support neither direct save via browser function nor playback of videos at 35 mbps; android devices incompatible with full HD video playback will not support playback of videos at 17 mbps or a
Supports HDMI
Features wi-Fi
Experience easy shooting and sharing with wi-fi wireless networking function1 for live monitoring and video uploading
IA HF r56 supports wi-fi wireless networking function that makes shooting, playback and sharing of videos a lot easier. with the new live monitoring feature, users can perform remote control and live monitoring via internet by using the "cameraaccess plus" application installed on mobile devices4, making it convenient and easy to keep an eye on home when out, or take care of babies while sparing time for housework. when installed on the newly supported pan table ct-v15, the camcorder can shoot within a 200 horizontal panning range for a wide coverage. the pan table also supports manual adjustment of 20 in up/down direction to cater to different environm
wi-fi wireless networking function, easy sharing of high quality videos anytime is now possible. with the free "movie uploader" application installed on your ios devices6, you can enjoy one-stop convenience to view, save and share videos to social networking sites such as facebook and youtube directly on your ios devices over a wi-fi network, or upload via canon image gateway server when you are out. besides, the camcorder supports mp4 video format for hassle-free direct playback or upload via ios devices without file conversion. in addition, users can playback via browsers and save3 the videos stored in the camcorder on ios and android devices for easy playback, video management and sharing to social networking sites using smart phones, tablet devices or computers without the need to connect a ca
E compatibility of wi-fi wireless networking function depends on the mobile device and operating sy
Pports ios devices using ios 5 or later version with "movie uploader" app installed; android devices using android 4.0 or later version and videos are played back via brow
Pports ios devices using ios 5, ios 6 or ios 7; android devices using android 2.3, 4.0, 4.1 or 4.2. "cameraaccess plus" app is required. mobile data will be consumed when controlling and monitoring via internet. the internet router connecting the camcorder should support global IP address and
New 5-axis dynamic image stabilization system for all-direction image stability
Tional acces
S 5 or later ver
New baby mode supporting 3 sets of registration for easy recording of precious baby's growth videos
New baby mode in LEGRIA HF r56 now supports 3 sets of registration to help parents capture all the precious growth moments of each baby easily and in an organized way, also enabling convenient management and playback of baby's videos. when baby mode is on, the camcorder will select the most suitable settings automatically using scene detection technology to ensure the cutest faces are captured. the 3-sec pre REC mode can ensure that you are always ready to capture every baby's first moment. stamps are available to make your baby's videos look more attractive, like attaching an age stamp based on the date of birth and adding other stamps with information of height and weight to keep track of your baby's growth. videos shot in baby mode will be automatically saved in a dedicated baby album, separated from the regular videos for simple batch management of baby's videos. this also allows easy playback of baby's videos in chronological order, perfect for savoring the precious growth journey of your kid with family and frie
Canon 32x optical zoom and 57x advanced zoom HD video lens for clear capture of both close-up and distant images
Pped with canon's proprietary HD video lenses, LEGRIA HF r56 provides powerful tele-video recording with the 32x optical zoom and 57x advanced zoom capability to capture far away images in clarity, opening up more creative possibilities. at its 32.5mm wide focal length, you can enrich the composition easily by including more surrounding elements. the lens is configured in 10 elements in 7 groups with aspherical lens that effectively corrects aberrations and image distortion so image sharpness in HD quality is guarant
DIGIC DV 4 digital image processor for guaranteed steady videos in high quality
IA HF r56 incorporates with DIGIC DV 4 digital image processor which brings even higher algorithm power and speed for quick processing of massive HD data and supports multitasking. in particular, LEGRIA HF r56 offers the ability to record both AVCHD and mp4 formats simultaneously for enhanced efficiency. DIGIC DV 4 supports minimum subject illumination at 4 lux for easy production of sharp and bright videos with minimized noise even in dim environment, enhancing the camcorder's performance during nightime or indoor shoot
Egria HF r56 body<br>2. ca-110e compact power adapter (power cord included)<br>3. bp-718 battery pack<br>4. ifc-300pcu USB cable<br>5. htc-100/s HDMI cable<br>6. quick G

Canon Legria HF R56 Video Reviews

Canon Legria HF R56 In-Depth Analysis

Reviews Summary

Excellent Owner Reviews

Based on 57 owner reviews the average owner rating of this video camera is 90 out of 100. Over 91% of reviewers gave this video camera either 4 or 5 stars.

View all user reviews

Canon Has Very Good Reviews for Its Camcorders

Based on 2,442 owner and expert reviews (including 492 verified purchases), Canon has very good reviews for its camcorders. 96% of those that bought a Canon video camera would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.


Released Over Three Years Ago

This video camera was released in October 2014.


Very Small Total Megapixels

The total megapixels of camcorders range from 0.3MP to 50MP, and the average total megapixels is 7.8MP. The total megapixels of the Legria HF R56 of only 3.2MP is smaller than 71% of all camcorders when sorted by this feature.

What does "total megapixels" mean? Less Edit

1920 X 1080 Pixels Resolution

This video camera has a max video resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)|1920 x 1080 pixels, which is typical of many camcorders.

What does "max video resolution" mean? Less Edit

Very Small Optical Sensor Size

Camcorders have optical sensor sizes of between 0.12" and 1.8", and the average optical sensor size is 0.37". The Canon Legria HF R56's optical sensor size of only 0.206" is smaller than 70% of all camcorders when ordered by this feature.

What does "optical sensor size" mean? Less Edit

Bigger Than Average Optical Zoom

The Legria HF R56's optical zoom of 32x is bigger than average when compared to most other camcorders. It is in the biggest 18% of all camcorders when sorted by this feature. The optical zooms of camcorders range from 1x to 70x, and the average optical zoom is 19x.

What does "optical zoom" mean? Less Edit

Average Weight

The weight of the Legria HF R56 of 235g is pretty standard compared to most other camcorders. It is heavier than 57% of all camcorders when sorted by this feature.

What does "weight" mean? Less Edit

Has an Image Stabilizer

The Legria HF R56 has an image stabilizer. 69% of camcorders also have an image stabilizer.

Chart Hide Chart What is an image stabilizer? Less Edit

Very Small Digital Zoom

The Legria HF R56's digital zoom of only 57x is in the smallest 29% of all camcorders when ordered by this feature. Camcorders have digital zooms of between 1.5x and 3,500x, and the average digital zoom is 460x.

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Supports HDMI


The Legria HF R56 supports HDMI. 70% of camcorders also support HDMI.

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Average Display Diagonal

The Canon Legria HF R56's display diagonal of 3" is relatively typical compared to most other camcorders. It is larger than 62% of all camcorders when ordered by this feature.

Chart Hide Chart What does "display diagonal" mean? Less Edit

Features Wi-Fi

The Canon Legria HF R56 features wi-Fi. 76% of camcorders do not feature wi-Fi.

Chart Hide Chart What is wi-Fi? Less Edit

Very Small Internal Storage Capacity

The internal storage capacity of the Legria HF R56 of only 8GB is smaller than 67% of all camcorders when ranked by this feature. Camcorders have internal storage capacities of between 0.1GB and 220GB, and the average internal storage capacity is 27GB.

Chart Hide Chart What does "internal storage capacity" mean? Less Edit

Has a Face Detection

The Legria HF R56 has a face detection, unlike 70% of camcorders which do not have a face detection.

Chart Hide Chart What is a face detection? Less Edit

Full HD

Full HD

The Canon Legria HF R56 is Full HD, as are 70% of camcorders.

Chart Hide Chart What does "Full HD" mean? Less Edit

Has a Built-In Microphone

The Legria HF R56 has a built-in microphone. 54% of camcorders also have a built-in microphone.

Chart Hide Chart What is a built-in microphone? Less Edit

Very Low Effective Megapixels (image)

The effective megapixels (image) of the Canon Legria HF R56 of only 2.07MP is lower than 74% of all camcorders when ordered by this feature. Across all the video cameras the effective megapixels (image) range from 0.46MP to 25MP, and the average effective megapixels (image) is 5.6MP.

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