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Polaroid POLC3BK

A top-value 6MP Full HD video camera, but with inferior features and high running costs
6MP Yes 113g Dec 2012
Total Megapixels Full HD Weight Release Date
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Polaroid POLC3 Cube HD Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder (Blue) (Brand new, unopened) - on
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Polaroid POLC3 Red
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Polaroid POLC3 Review

Representing excellent value for money and with reviews, we have ranked the Polaroid POLC3 number 48 across all camcorders.
63 Reviews
Missing Some Features
4 Years Old
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 66?

It has great user reviews with an average user rating of 84%, based on 63 reviews. Canon video cameras also have excellent reviews in general.
This camcorder is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer camcorders with better features are available. However it has good reviews so it may still be worth considering. View the latest camcorders 2017.
Customers report it is a good size, design and it is reasonably priced.
This Polaroid camcorder is missing some features:

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Polaroid POLC3 Video Reviews

Polaroid POLC3 In-Depth Analysis


User Reviews Are Good

This camcorder has an average user rating of 84 out of 100 based on 63 user reviews. Over 79% of reviewers gave this video camera either 4 or 5 stars.

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Customers Report That it is a Good Size

Five customers reckoned that it was lightweight and three owners who purchased it agreed that it was compact.

Users Report Nice Design

Five owners reckoned that this camcorder was good looking.

Users Report That it is Fairly Priced

Eight people who purchased it concluded that it was good value for money.

  • Considering the size and price it's pretty good! Shame it splits videos into 5 minute clips though…
  • Great for the occasions when you don't want to be worried about an expensive camcorder…
  • Amazing price quality…
  • Great cam for the price, make sure to flash the firmware…
    David G. (Amazon) - February 2016
  • The only downside to it is the price of the accessories, they are really overpriced for what they are…
    HC (Amazon) - April 2015
  • Really you'll need to invest in some of the accessories, such as the tripod mount, to really get the most out of this dinky device and that's a real pity as it means the price immediately increases…
  • However they can be purchased very cheaply online if you look around…
  • It's an interesting device at this price point.
    Thomas Duff (Amazon) - January 2015
  • The video quality is great for the price…
    Timmicus (Amazon) - August 2015

Very Good Brand

Based on 170 user and expert reviews (including 40 verified purchases), Polaroid has very good reviews for its camcorders.

Users Report Great Battery Life

Two people who bought this camcorder considered that it had a good battery life.

Users Report That it is Robust

Three customers who reviewed this camcorder thought it was well made.

  • You also can't help feeling that the lens is somewhat exposed during handling too, although it's recessed into the Cube there's nothing actually protecting it, although to be fair it's made from glass and not from more easily scratched plastic…
    Techpuppy (Amazon) - January 2015
  • You don't need either of these, as it comes with a built in powerful magnet, which will enable you to put it on many surfaces…
    Martin Turner (Amazon) - December 2014
  • The CUBE's case is sturdy and seems pretty shockproof, with a grip proof finish…
  • Feels solidness when holding it and looks well made…
    Matinik (Amazon) - August 2015
  • Built in magnet on the bottom of the camera comes in handy sometimes…
    Matinik (Amazon) - August 2015
  • The camera has been slow to transfer media, poor in quality (looks damaged) and also having huge microphone issues…
    Jon (Amazon) - January 2016
  • It's weatherproof -- not waterproof -- which makes it suitable to most outside uses, short of taking it underwater…

Customers Report a Good Quality Lens

Two owners wrote in their reviews that it had a good lens.

  • Cube locked in place and recorded 1080 very well, only slight problem was misting on lens centre due to temperature…
  • It has a lens on the front…
  • Quality is very good, very clear and sharp The wide angle lens 124 degree lens which gives a very big image from such a small thing Battery life recorded for a good 90 minutes on video Magnet on the camera for attaching to surfaces…
    Rob S (Amazon) - December 2014

Customers Report Excellent Product Quality

18 people mentioned in their reviews that the product was good quality.

Customers Report That it is Easy to Use

15 people who purchased it mentioned that it was easy to use.

Value For Money

Excellent Value for Money

The product has excellent reviews but mediocre features and is over 6 months old. However at £69.50 it is cheaper than 92% of video cameras.

Price Has Gone Up by £33 (47%)

There was a cheaper price of £39 on eBay 47 days ago.

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Cheaper in the United Kingdom Than Overseas

We checked 22 other countries for prices for the Polaroid POLC3 and the United Kingdom price of £69.50 was the cheapest. The cheapest price that we could find overseas was in the United States where the price is $75.99 (£98.91).

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Average Total Megapixels

The total megapixels of the Polaroid POLC3 of 6MP is pretty average compared to most other video cameras. It is in the biggest 57% of all video cameras when ranked by this feature.

What does "total megapixels" mean? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Very Light

The average weight of all video cameras is 530g, with the lightest being 50g and the heaviest being 7.5kg. The Polaroid POLC3's weight of only 113g is in the lightest 18% of all video cameras when ranked by this feature.

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Full HD

Full HD

The Polaroid POLC3 is Full HD, as are 73% of video cameras.

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Released Over Four Years Ago

This video camera was released in December 2012.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

polaroid polc3bk, polaroid polc3bl, polaroid polc3r

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