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Sony HDR-MV1

Sony HDR-MV1
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An award winning but moderately out of date 1x optical zoom 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution camcorder, with a good price and good features
1x 1920 X 1080 (Full HD) Pixels 8.4MP 1" Mar 2016
Optical Zoom Max Video Resolution Total Megapixels Optical Sensor Size Release Date
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Sony HDR-MV1 Review

With excellent reviews, we have ranked the Sony HDR-MV1 number 216 across all camcorders.
106 Reviews + 2 Awards
Value for Money
Very Good
Good Features
1 Year Old
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 81?

It has good expert reviews and good user reviews with 68% of buyers recommending this video camera to others. This camcorder has received two awards including a "Recommended" award from Expert Reviews and an industry award from HP camcorders also have excellent reviews in general.
At over a year old this camcorder is slightly out of date, and newer camcorders with more up to date technology are available. View the latest video cameras 2018.
Customers report excellent product quality, that it is easy to use and it is a good size.
It has some good features, but is also missing a couple of features:
Larger than average optical sensor size
-quality 30p HD video recording: record high-quality 1920x1080/30p HD video even in low lighting situations. the mp4 format is ideal for enjoying and sharing your HD movies on a PC, mac or the intern
Od mount for rock-steady recording: forget the shaky hand-held look you get w/ iphones and some camcorders. go for a pro look with clean crisp images when you use the built-in tripod mount to anchor the hdr-mv1 to a trip
Simply as a linear PCM recorder, too: sometimes you don't need an image when recording a song-in-progress to share with band members, for example. the hdr-mv1 doubles as a fast, easy linear PCM recorder for sound only. plus, it's equipped with a small speaker that lets you do a simple sound check without earphon
Cut filter decreases noise, clarifies sound: the music video recorder is equipped with a low-cut filter to reduce low-frequency sound. perfect for decreasing noise such as air conditioning and wind while recording; your video sounds great even when made under the most challenging conditio
Ge battery and transfer data simultaneously with the USB port: the hdr-mv1 is equipped with a USB port to simultaneously charge the battery and access content on a computer. moreover, with the supplied battery and optional AC adaptor (purchase separately, ac-ud10) users can operate while the device is chargi
St recording levels manually, monitor easily on the 2.7 lcd: control, fine-tune, and enhance recording quality quickly. adjust the recording level manually in 31 increments, and set an appropriate level for your particular performance environment. also monitor the recording level at a glance on the bright 2.7 L
T on polished playback with audio lip sync: match the timing of your image and sound. audio lip sync adjusts sound on the hdr-mv1 when outputting the image to other devices. you get playback that always looks profession
Touch remote and one-touch sharing: one-touch remote lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a viewfinder and remote control for a digital camera, and one-touch sharing lets you transfer your photos and videos from your camera. either way, by installing playmemories mobile app to your NFC enable android smartphone or tablet, you can avoid complex set-up sequences and establish wireless connection simply by touching your device to the camera. you are now ready to control your camera from your smartphone to take a photo from a previously out-of-reach spot, or simply be in your own group shot, as well as transfer them instantly to your smartphone for sharing on SNS. no NFC no problem. you can also pair the devices manual
Very light
Rnal microphone option: use your favourite mic when recording by simply attaching via MIC IN termi
stereo sound with 120 x/y mic: the hdr-mv1's 120 cross opened microphone configuration records stereo sound but, unlike smartphones and conventional camcorders, its wide angle lets you capture every note from the band even in cramped quarters. additionally, it records with a focus on the center, so a group's main performer often the vocalist never gets lo
R R CMOS sensor is ideal for low light: sony's exmor R CMOS sensor is extremely sensitive, capturing facial expressions and fast movements, even in dark environments like studios or stag
-angle 120 carl zeiss tessar lens: the 120 wide angle carl zeiss vario-tessar lens not only captures high-quality video with excellent resolution, contrast, and colour reproduction, but its wide angle also allows you to put the entire band and stage into the frame from close distances. ideal for everything from shooting in your practice space to recording live performanc
Ar PCM and AAC audio formats for recording versatility: records in your choice of uncompressed linear PCM (lpcm) or AAC formats for cd-quality sound and simple internet upload
audience aw
-in to hook up external equipment: easily connect the hdr-mv1 to studio equipment such as a sound board with the LINE-OUT termin
Very small optical zoom

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Sony HDR-MV1 Video Reviews

Sony HDR-MV1 In-Depth Analysis

Reviews Summary

Two Industry Awards

This video camera received a "Recommended" award from website Expert Reviews who decided that this Sony video camera was very good.

One more expert review site decided that this camcorder was very good. This was from who gave it an "4 Star".

Good Expert Reviews

Five experts from sites including Expert Reviews, Digital Versus, and Les have rated this camcorder on average 80%.

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Good Owner Reviews

On average, based on 101 owner reviews this video camera has an overall owner rating of 80%. 28 reviewers (76% of all reviewers) gave this video camera either 4 or 5 stars and 68% of those asked said they would recommend buying it to others.

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Users Report Superior Product Quality

19 owners thought the product was good quality.

Sony Has Very Good Reviews for Its Camcorders

Based on 9,817 expert and owner reviews (including 2,796 verified purchases), Sony has very good reviews for its camcorders. 91% of those that bought a Sony camcorder would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.

Users Report That it is Easy to Use

Four people who purchased this camcorder reckoned that it was easy to use and two owners who reviewed this camcorder mentioned that it was easy to setup.

Users Report That it is a Good Size

Three owners reckoned that it was compact.

Customers Report Good Battery Life

Three customers who reviewed the Sony HDR-MV1 wrote that it had a good battery life.

Users Report That it is Reasonably Priced

Three customers who purchased the product agreed that it was good value for money.

Customers Report Excellent Design

Three people who purchased the Sony HDR-MV1 reckoned that it was good looking.

Users Report Superior Technical Features

Two customers wrote in their reviews that this camcorder had good features.

Customers Report a Good Quality Lens

Two people who reviewed it wrote that it had a good lens and two customers who bought it reckoned that it had a good zoom.

Value For Money

Average Value for Money

The product has excellent reviews and is under 2 years old but has average features. However at £269.00 it is cheaper than 54% of video cameras.

Price Has Gone Up by £64 (24%)

There was a cheaper price of £204.99 at e-GlobaL Central UK 24 hours ago.

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Cheaper in the United Kingdom Than Overseas

We checked 22 other countries for prices for the Sony HDR-MV1 and the United Kingdom price of £269.00 was the cheapest.

The cheapest price that we could find overseas was in the United States where the price is $338.10 (£465.83).

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Released Over a Year Ago

This video camera was released in March 2016.


Average Total Megapixels

The HDR-MV1's total megapixels of 8.4MP is relatively standard compared to most other video cameras. It is in the biggest 62% of all camcorders when sorted by this feature.

What does "total megapixels" mean? Less Edit

Larger Than Average Optical Sensor Size

The optical sensor sizes of video cameras range from 0.12" to 1.8", and the average optical sensor size is 0.37". The HDR-MV1's optical sensor size of 0.435" is larger than 71% of all camcorders when ranked by this feature.

What does "optical sensor size" mean? Less Edit

Very Light

The average weight of all camcorders is 570g, with the lightest being 50g and the heaviest being 7.5kg. The HDR-MV1's weight of only 140g is lighter than 82% of all camcorders when sorted by this feature.

Chart Hide Chart What does "weight" mean? Less Edit

Very Small Optical Zoom

The optical zoom of the Sony HDR-MV1 of only 1x is smaller than average when compared to most other camcorders. It is smaller than 79% of all video cameras when ordered by this feature. The optical zooms of camcorders range from 1x to 70x, and the average optical zoom is 19x.

Chart Hide Chart What does "optical zoom" mean? Less Edit

1920 X 1080 Pixels Resolution

This camcorder has a max video resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)|1920 x 1080 pixels, which is the most commonly found resolution on camcorders.

Chart Hide Chart What does "max video resolution" mean? Less Edit

Supports Near Field Communication (NFC)

The HDR-MV1 supports Near Field Communication (NFC), unlike 87% of camcorders which do not support Near Field Communication (NFC).

Chart Hide Chart What is Near Field Communication (NFC)? Less Edit

Full HD

Full HD

The HDR-MV1 is Full HD, as are 70% of video cameras.

Chart Hide Chart What does "Full HD" mean? Less Edit

Sony HDR-MV1

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