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Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Updated 07 December 2018 by Alex
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Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

It’s that time of the year again - Christmas is creeping ever closer, and it’s time to start thinking about presents, and what to get all the special people in your life! We at Kagoo are just as bad at Christmas as everyone else, so we’ve compiled a list of a few Christmas ideas for you, helpfully split into different categories. Hopefully this article will give you a headstart on Christmas this year!

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Presents for Coffee Enthusiasts

For coffee nuts, we have a wide array of coffee machines and grinders to fit every need! For the busy, on-the-go worker who needs a quick fix, the Krups Dolce Gusto OBLO Coffee Maker £39.00 allows you to make delicious coffees at the touch of a button! Or, if you prefer to take your time crafting the perfect espresso, the DeLonghi EC685 Espresso Machine £109.99 allows you to brew a perfect espresso, and comes with a milk frother, allowing you to create wonderful latte art with frothed milk!

If you’re going to really get into brewing proper coffee, it pays to have your own grinder. Beans start to lose their freshness shortly after being ground, so grinding them yourself will allow you to always have the freshest coffee to hand. The DeLonghi KG79 Coffee Grinder £34.99 is a popular choice - it’s a burr grinder, meaning it is able to grind to a very high quality, and can be adjusted to different grind sizes - good for different brewing types (espresso needs fine grinds, filter needs coarse).

Presents for Runners

Got someone in your life that loves to get out and run? We’ve got present ideas for you! To start with, the Plantronics BackBeat Go Headphones £22.49 are wireless and designed to stay in their ears while running! Running is always so much easier when you have music to distract you!

When you’re done with the run, they are going to need rehydration and nutrients! The Nutribullet 600 £39.99 is perfect for mixing up a post-exercise smoothie, full of all the important things you need to power up after a long run!

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Presents for Film Enthusiasts

For the film buff in your life, they need a good screen to properly appreciate the films they enjoy watching. A good mid-range option is the Samsung UE49NU7300 TV , which offers a 50” screen and high-quality 4k resolutions without breaking the bank. If you have a bit more money to spend on them (or you!), the LG OLED55B7 TV £974.00 offers a premium OLED screen and a 55” diameter for under a grand - one of the best deals for a cutting edge OLED TV you’ll find!

A good film is nothing without the sound - the explosions just don’t have the same weight without the bassy BOOM! The Samsung HW-360 Soundbar £399.00 will give them all the volume they need to add texture and power to their favourite movies, and comes complete with a subwoofer for EXTRA BOOM!

Presents for Cooks

If you have loved ones who love to cook, we have plenty of ideas to make them smile this Christmas! To start with, the Kenwood KM240 Mixer £119.99 is an excellent mixer, able to hand all kinds of doughs, batters and whisking. They’ll be mixing up tasty cakes in no time!

For a more hands-off approach, the Morphy Richards 48281 Breadmaker is an excellent breadmaker, that will allow them to effortlessly bake delicious loaves of bread! Even better, it comes with a built-in timer, so they can set up the machine the night before, and wake up to freshly baked bread!

Finally, while the weather is pretty cold right now, it’ll soon be barbecuing weather once again! And the Weber Spirit E-210 £399.00 is an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys setting food on fire - it’s a powerful and portable gas BBQ that will allow them to grill up everything from burgers to halloumi!

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Presents for New Homeowners

Moving into a new home can be a stressful experience - there is so much to do, and so many things to buy! If you are buying for new homeowners, it’s the small things that count - such as the Russell Hobbs Colours Plus+ Toaster £18.99, which comes in a variety of colours. To match, there is the Russells Hobbs Colours Plus+ Kettle £24.99, a popular choice that will help give any new kitchen a welcome burst of colour.

Setting up a house can be exhausting, and sometimes you need some comfort food, so the Swan SD90010 Air Fryer £55.98 is able to knock up a portion of delicious chips with a fraction of the fat of a standard fryer - it uses superheated air instead of oil, so you can munch without feeling guilty!

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