Nikon D90
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Nikon D90

Camera Labs Highly Recommended Pocket Lint Hot Product Highly Recommended Technical Image Press Association Award
A multi award winning SLR digital camera with poor features
SLR 12.3MP SDHC Oct 2008
Camera Type Megapixels Compatible Memory Cards Release Date
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Nikon D90 Review

With excellent reviews, we have ranked the Nikon D90 number 835 across all digital cameras.
34 Reviews + 13 Awards
Missing Some Features
8 Years Old
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 40?

It has very good expert reviews with an average expert rating of 88%, based on 34 reviews. This digital camera has received 13 awards including an "Editor's Choice" award from plus three other sites and a "Highly Recommended" award from plus one other site. Canon cameras also have excellent reviews in general.
It is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer digital cameras with better features are available. However this Nikon digital camera has good reviews so it may still be worth considering. View the latest cameras 2017.
Customers report good picture quality, that it is fairly priced and technical features.
The D90 is missing some features:
Quite low megapixels sensor

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Nikon D90 In-Depth Analysis


13 Industry Awards

This digital camera is one of the most awarded by experts of all the digital cameras.

Four expert review sites all thought that this camera was marvellous and gave it their highest award.,, and all gave this Nikon camera an "Editor's Choice" award.

This digital camera was given a "Highly Recommended" award by both review sites and Camera Labs, both of which decided that this Nikon camera was very good.

The authors at three additional expert review sites all endorsed this Nikon digital camera. This camera received a "Recommended" award and the writer at review site thought that it was superb and gave it a "Platinum" award. Also, the editor of review site said that this digital camera was a sensible purchase and gave it a "Best Buy" award.

Three other expert review sites all concluded that this camera was very good. This Nikon camera received a "Technical Image Press Association Award" from, it received a "Hot Buy" award from and Pocket Lint gave it a "Hot Product" award. gave this camera a "5 Star" award.

Good Expert Reviews

This camera has an average expert rating of 88 out of 100 based on 34 expert reviews from sites including, What Digital Camera, Pocket Lint and Photo The expert review sites think this Nikon camera is one of the very best digital cameras.

View all expert reviews

Very Good Brand

Based on 30,771 owner and expert reviews (including 6,974 verified purchases), Nikon has very good ratings for its cameras. Nikon also has very good ratings specifically for its digital cameras compared to other brands. 96% of those that bought a Nikon camera would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.

Customers Report Good Picture Quality

Five people who bought the product concluded that it was able to produce good images.

  • The image quality is spectacular… October 2008
  • It is fine for casual use and the still image capabilities are top notch as always making this another impressive…
  • It focuses quickly, has zippy 4.5 fps burst mode, has more adjustments than you could possible handle in a lifetime plus it takes fine photos with barely a hint of noise… October 2008
  • With its very good feature set, excellent image quality…
  • While it did capture wonderful colors in low light… October 2008
  • Like its predecessor, it’s more about enhanced features and superior handling, rather than greatly improved image quality…

Customers Report That it is Fairly Priced

Two people mentioned in their reviews that it was good value for money.

Customers Report Excellent Technical Features

Three people who reviewed it agreed that it had good features.

Users Report Superior Product Quality

Three owners reckoned that it was good quality.


Over 90 Different Nikon Lenses Available

Nikon offers over 90 own brand lenses for their SLR cameras including macro, fixed focal length and zoom lenses allowing for huge creative versatility. More lenses that fit Nikon SLR cameras are available from third party manufacturers such as Tamron and Sigma.

Nikon lens range

Quite Low Megapixels Sensor

The lowest megapixels of digital cameras is 0.3MP, the highest is 80MP, and the average megapixels is 16MP. The Nikon D90's sensor megapixels of only 12.3MP is fairly low compared to most other digital cameras. It is in the lowest 22% of all digital cameras when sorted by this feature.

What does "megapixels" mean? Less Edit

Wide Range of Optical Zooms Depending On Lens Used

This camera has interchangeable lenses so the optical zoom depends on the lens being used. This means that a wide range of optical zooms are possible with this camera. Nikon offers hundreds of lenses ranging in optical zoom from approx 0.5x (10mm focal length) to approx 50x (800mm focal length).

What does "optical zoom" mean? Less Edit

Wide Range of Minimum Aperture Numbers Depending On Lens Used

This Nikon digital camera has interchangeable lenses so the minimum aperture number depends on the lens being used. This means that a wide range of minimum aperture numbers are possible with this camera. Nikon offers lenses with apertures ranging from F/1.4 to F/6.3.

What does "minimum aperture number" mean? Less Edit

Optical Image Stabilisation May Be Available With Some Lenses

This Nikon camera has interchangeable lenses so whether this camera has an image stabilizer depends on the lens being used. Nikon offers a wide range of lenses with built in image stabilisation.

What is an image stabilizer? Less Edit

Supports Direct Printing

The Nikon D90 supports direct printing, unlike 89% of digital cameras which do not support direct printing.

What is direct printing? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Features Multi Burst Mode

The Nikon D90 features multi burst mode, which is unusual. 87% of digital cameras do not feature multi burst mode.

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850 Battery Life

The Nikon D90 is a camera that takes 850 shots battery life.

What does "battery life" mean? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Has an Audio Recorder

The Nikon D90 has an audio recorder, which is unusual. 99% of digital cameras do not have an audio recorder.

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4288 X 2848 Pixels Still Image Resolution

The highest still image resolution supported by the Nikon D90 is 4288 x 2848 pixels. That's 23% lower still image resolution than the most common resolution of 4608 x 3456 pixels. Cameras resolutions range from 384 x 480 pixels (worst) to 6016 x 4016 pixels (best).

What does "still image resolution" mean? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Wide Range of Maximum Aperture Numbers Depending On Lens Used

This camera has interchangeable lenses so the maximum aperture number depends on the lens being used. This means that a wide range of maximum aperture numbers are possible with this camera. Nikon lenses range in aperture from F/1.4 to F/6.3.

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Released Over Eight Years Ago

Nikon released the D90 in October 2008.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers tarion tarionsliderdollytrs120gb, tarion tarionsliderdollytrsd60gb, leapcama 5d7d60d550d600d, leapcama a560panasonic, koolertron d3000fuji, camsmart handle15mm, sunsmart handle15mm, koolertron hvx200a, koolertron dvx100b, koolertron dvx100a, koolertron gh2gk, koolertron 5diii, koolertron 1100d, koolertron k100d, koolertron k200d, koolertron nex5n, koolertron 1080p, luckystar 1080p, nikon ed55200mm, sunsmart 5diii, sunsmart 1100d, leapcama d300s, neewer t1i450d, neewer t2i550d, eimo 2chandle, morros rl00ii, tarion 3200d, vba-230-k003, tarion 3300d, tarion 5000d, nikon 123mpx, neewer d300s, tarion 5100d, vba-230-k001, tarion 5200d, tarion 3100d, morros 5diii, morros 1100d, neewer 5diii, tarion 5300d, d90kit16-85, nikon 715nm, nikon 650nm, nikon 850nm, nikon 760nm
Barcodes 00000001559408, 00000001560005, 00000001561887, 00000001562911, 00000001563910, 00000001564037, 00000001564064, 00000001564424, 00000001565083, 00000010003903, 00000010069394, 00018208254460, 00018208254484, 00018208854431, 00018208854448, 00018208854684, 00018208854691, 00018208854707, 00018208854714, 00018208854721, 00018208855599, 00018208883066, 00018208883097, 00018208883943, 00018208915705, 00018208915743, 00018209157432, 00182088544482, 00182088546776, 00182088546844

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Nikon D90

51% higher megapixel
39% larger maximum aperture number
34% shorter minimum focal length (35mm film equiv)
919 pixels lower display resolution (numeric)
210g lighter
Higher megapixel
30mm longer maximum focal length (35mm film equiv)
Older by over two years
A lot higher megapixel
A lot larger maximum aperture number
310 less battery life (CIPA standard)
Hugely lighter
355.5mm longer maximum focal length (35mm film equiv)
32GB larger maximum memory card size
Significantly smaller maximum aperture number
Eight more aspherical lenses
432.5mm longer maximum focal length (35mm film equiv)
Lower display resolution (numeric)
Hugely longer maximum focal length (35mm film equiv)
Significantly smaller maximum aperture number