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The 10 Best Dyon TVs - July 2017

Every week we analyse the technical specs, reviews and prices of every Dyon TV on the market in the UK to determine our top 10 list.
In total we compared over 13,800 TVs, 110,000 reviews and 20,300 prices. Last updated 14 July 2017.

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Enter 32 PRO

Dyon Enter 32 PRO

A very cheap to run but fairly new 31.5" television
1 Review
Value for Money
Missing Some Features
1 Year Old
Running Costs
£70 / 5 Years
Overall Score
Feb 2016
Display Diagonal
Release Date
  • £203.09
    Save £3,769.51
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Dyon TVs

Dyon TV Prices

In total we found 3 Dyon TVs ranging from £272 to £395. The average price of a new Dyon TV is £313 and 80% of Dyon TVs are priced between £272 and £394. The Dyon Enter 42 Pro is the most expensive Dyon TV that we found at £394, and the Dyon Enter 32 PRO is the cheapest at only £272.

Price Range of Dyon TVs

Dyon TVs start at £272 and the most expensive Dyon television costs £394. The 22nd highest average television price out of all brands is Dyon TVs with an average price of £313.

Average Rating of Dyon TVs

We have checked 4,636 expert reviews and 68,234 user reviews for TVs and used these reviews to determine an average rating for TVs of 50%. This makes Dyon the 37th best rated TV brand.

When Are Most New Dyon TVs Released?

The most common period for new Dyon TVs to be released in is between October and November. If you wait until October 2017 then you might be able to get better features on your Dyon television. Also the price of the current Dyon TVs may drop off just before the latest models are released in October. The biggest month in 2016 for new Dyon TV releases was October, with two new Dyon TVs released that month. In November 2015 two new Dyon TVs were released making it the biggest month that year for new Dyon TV releases. May was the biggest month in 2014 for new Dyon TVs, with two new Dyon TVs released that month.

How Fast Do Dyon TV Prices Drop After Release?

Most televisions drop in price by 11% in the first 6 months after release, however Dyon televisions tend to depreciate slower. On average, in the first 6 months after release, Dyon televisions drop in price by 10%. If you are prepared to wait then you could save an average of £112 on a typical £1,088 new Dyon TV by waiting 6 months before buying.