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Compare The Best Handheld MixersAugust 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QWhat is a 'pulse function'?
APulse turns the mixer on for very short periods at full power, allowing you to make the finishing touches to mixes, or blend stubborn parts of a mixture.
QWhat are common accessories for mixers?
AMixers may come with any or all of these standard attachments: a kneading tool for dough, a set of whisks or beaters, a citrus pressing tool, a tool for mincing meat, or a pasta maker.
QWhy do some mixers not have an entry for speeds?
ASome mixers don't have set speed levels (low, medium, high, etc) but instead a knob to gradually increase the speed from low to very high.

Mixer Buying Guide

Mixers are kitchen appliances that use a motor powered whisk or paddle to effortlessly mix and combine ingredients. They are used primarily for making cake batter, bread dough, pasty and desserts. Unlike blenders or food processors, they are not designed to cut or puree ingredients, but instead to whisk or knead far quickly and more efficiently than any human could. If you’ve ever felt your arms hurt from trying to whisk up homemade mayonnaise, then this is the appliance for you!

There are two main types of mixers on the market - handheld and stand mixers:

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Handheld mixers: these devices consist of one or two whisks placed into a plastic or metal casing, with a button or trigger to activate them. The whisks can be immersed in the ingredients, and the whisks will mix far more efficiently than if done by hand. Handheld mixers are smaller and far cheaper than stand mixers, but are less powerful than their larger brethren. Also most handheld mixers only use whisk attachments - this is fine for most baking and kitchen prep tasks you’ll need, but won’t work for making bread dough or kneading.

Stand mixers: these mixers consist of motor-powered whisks, which are built into an arm and stand, allowing the whisks to be lowered into the attached bowl for mixing. They are far heavier machines, and much more expensive than handheld mixers, but are far more powerful and capable of a larger range of functions, such as kneading dough. Because they are heavy, stable machines they are far less likely to make a mess while mixing at high speeds, though of course this means they also take up a sizeable space on your kitchen work surface. However if you find yourself baking cakes or bread regularly, a proper stand mixer will save you countless hours of manual mixing and kneading!

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This attribute only applies to tabletop mixers, but is an important consideration - the bowl capacity will determine how much food/ingredients can be mixed at one time. The tabletop mixers on our site range from small 0.5L mixers (which would be most useful for sauces and small batters, such as cupcakes or muffins) to enormous 5L mixers (which will handle everything you could need, including the biggest cakes or bread dough enough for several loaves at once).

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Power Levels/Speeds

All our mixers have a power rating, measured in Watts (W). The higher the power level, the more efficient the appliances will be at mixing and kneading. This in turn leads to smoother mixes, well-kneaded doughs, and better results!

Many of the models on our site also have multiple speed settings. This is important because different recipes require different speeds - making mayonnaise for instance requires a fairly slow speed, while cake batter can be mixed at a faster speed. The instruction manual with your machine will give better information on the specific speed to use for each type of cooking.

Included Accessories

Finally, many models of mixer come with additional accessories to increase the functions performed by the appliance. This can include dough hooks for more efficient kneading of bread dough, beaters specifically made for eggs, or a spatula for scraping out batter and dough from the bowl. They may also include chopper attachment for easily chopping small quantities of nuts, herbs or fruit.

While not necessities, these extras can make your cooking more efficient and easier, so are worth bearing in mind when choosing between models.