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Latest Articles

Kagoo News: True Wireless Air Charging
By Alex on 10 Jun 2021
We look into the future of smartphones - having you phone charge the minute you walk into a room
Kagoo Explains: Smartphone Wireless Charging
By Alex on 8 Jun 2021
We look in detail at the science behind wireless charging for smartphones
Kagoo Guide: Modular Smartphones
By Alex on 3 Jun 2021
We look at the details of the latest modular smartphones
Kagoo News: Amazon Prime Day 2021
By Alex on 1 Jun 2021
Amazon Prime Day is in June 2021 - find all the details here
Kagoo Guide: Smartphone Sustainability - Solutions
By Alex on 27 May 2021
A look at the possible solutions for making smartphones more sustainable
Kagoo Guide: Smartphone Sustainability - Problems
By Alex on 25 May 2021
A look into the ecological problems associated with smartphone manufacture
Kagoo News: Spatial Audio & lossless coming to Apple Music
By Alex on 20 May 2021
Apple has added spatial audio & lossless compression to Apple Music - come find all the details
Kagoo App Starter Kit - Personal
By Alex on 18 May 2021
The 3rd part of our App Starter Kit contains a selection of helpful personal apps
Kagoo App Starter Kit - Social & Communication
By Alex on 13 May 2021
Our App Starter Kit continues with a look at some of the best social & communication apps
Kagoo App Starter Kit - Productivity
By Alex on 11 May 2021
Just got a new phone? Take a look at some of the best apps for work and productivity
Kagoo Guide: Smartphone Health Apps
By Alex on 6 May 2021
We detail how smartphones can be used to track every element of your health
Kagoo Guide: More Unusual Star Wars Products!
By Alex on 4 May 2021
It's May 4th - Stars Wars Day! Let's take a look at some more unusual Star Wars products.
Kagoo Guide: New EU Energy Labels
By Alex on 29 Apr 2021
Get all the info on the new energy label system coming into effect in 2021
Kagoo News: Apple releases Airtags & purple iPhone 12
By Alex on 27 Apr 2021
Get all the info on Apple's new Airtags and a fresh colour for the iPhone 12
Kagoo Explains - Smartphone Biometrics
By Alex on 22 Apr 2021
We look at the way your fingerprints and face are used to secure your phone
Kagoo Explains - Smartphone Step Tracking
By Alex on 20 Apr 2021
We look into how smartphones use a variety of sensors to measure your steps
Kagoo Explains: Introduction to Smartphone Sensors
By Alex on 15 Apr 2021
We take a look at the sensors that power your smartphone
Kagoo News: OnePlus 9 Series Launches
By Alex on 13 Apr 2021
Get the details on OnePlus' new smartphones, the OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro
Kagoo News - Samsung’s Cat-Friendly Packaging
By Alex on 8 Apr 2021
Find out how Samsung's eco-friendly TV packing can turn into a home for your cat!
Kagoo News - LG to stop making smartphones
By Alex on 6 Apr 2021
LG had announced they will retire from the smartphone market - get all the info here.