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Kagoo Guide: Black Friday 2020

Updated 23 November 2020
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Black Friday is less than a week away, and the floodgate of deals has already started to open! Some merchants have already started to tempt shoppers with deals, but the real deep cuts will only appear on the morning of the 27th. When they do arrive, you’d best be quick - even more than most years, these deals won’t hang around for long!

Black Friday is Friday 27th November 2020


Black Friday is the friday following Thanksgiving in the States, and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Many stores use it to get rid of excess stock before the Christmas specials appear - this means hefty discounts across a massive selection of products.

Historically these sales would be only in physical stores, then any remnants after the weekend would be advertised online for a secondary sale called ‘Cyber Monday’. However as online shopping became more and more prevalent, Black Friday sales started to drift online as well as in high streets, meaning sales could start on websites right at the dot of midnight.

However 2020 is not exactly a normal year, and this Black Friday isn’t going to be a standard sale. There are several important changes this year, all caused by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic:

Black Friday 2020 will be huge

Online retail has seen an enormous spike this year - this is expected given the global lockdown and the closure of most high street shops. People are ordering essentials, taking the time to improve their living spaces, and engaging in a lot of retail therapy to help their mental health.

It’s therefore unsurprising that this sales season is expected to be the biggest yet - experts are estimating Black Friday 2020 will see a 35-45% increase compared to last year.

Find the most up-to-date promotions and deals on our Black Friday Deals Page.

Sales will be online only

Almost all Black Friday sales will be on websites, since most shops aren’t allowed to open and large crowds are a no-no in this pandemic. So all the stock that would normally be reserved for shops will arrive online. This means:

  • You’ll have access to more sales than ever before, meaning a larger selection of deals!
  • Lack of queues & physical opening hours means that you can shop whenever you want, and don’t have to brave the cold or risk your health.
  • Unfortunately because everybody is shopping through a small selection of popular sites, competition for the best deals will be fierce.

Discounts may be much higher than usual

2020 has been a hard year for everybody - especially shops. Many shops have been shuttered for the majority of the year, and they will be looking to this Christmas period to generate as many sales as possible. To this end, it is predicted that merchants will reduce prices far more than usual, in order to remain competitive and tempt as many shoppers as possible.

Retailers will also apply heavy discounts to stock that has been sitting around in their physical shops for a long time, in order to recoup some of the losses from the closure. This will lead to a far wider array of deals than normal - with brands and lines that very rarely get discounts finally getting money off.

All of this means there will be some fantastic bargains to be had - don’t miss out!

Demand may cause popular websites to crash


The increased pressure of Black Friday 2020 may cause problems for popular websites: just last week Currys’ website was taken offline by demand for the PlayStation 5 on launch day. Given how much larger Black Friday is, it’s highly likely that similar outages will happen come friday. So if you can’t get access to a website immediately, either try to find a similar deal with a smaller merchant (who will be less busy) or wait until things calm down a little bit. However remember that stocks of the best deals will be limited - waiting may mean you lose out on an amazing deal!

One solution to ease website overload is digital queues - implementing a limit on the amount of visitors to a website, forcing customers to wait their turn. Such measures can be frustrating for everyone, but it’s far more preferable to having the entire website crash… and you can queue from the comfort of your bed!

Buy Christmas presents early

Sales are always a good time to start picking up presents, and that goes double for Black Friday, when the steep discounts will save you a hefty amount of money! However there is another reason - ecommerce experts are predicting that the retailers and couriers may not be able to cope with the massive demand of the entire UK buying their Christmas presents online.


We have already seen persistent stock issues with popular appliances and products over lockdown - small kitchen appliances such as breadmakers or mixers have been hard to get hold of throughout the year. This is liable to get far worse as we approach Christmas, since the massive increase in demand will far outstrip the supply.

On the delivery side, Royal Mail and courier companies have already seen an unprecedented increase in volume this year, and it’s set to get even bigger. The increase in demand has unfortunately meant an increase in problems, as logistical networks are stretched to capacity and staff start to burn out from stress & overwork. This may mean a risk of shipping delays in the very busy weeks running up to Christmas, as companies struggle to keep up with the demand.

Given these potential stock and delivery issues, we at Kagoo suggest you grab your Christmas presents as early as possible - both to make sure you can buy everything, and also to guarantee that they’ll arrive before the big day!


Kagoo is here to help

Finally, we know how difficult it can be to keep on top of the landslide of deals, especially with everything else going on this year. So here at Kagoo, we’re going to be working tirelessly over the weeks and months ahead to bring you the best deals and discounts on Black Friday and beyond. You can find the latest deals and promotions on our dedicated deals page and we will be sending out several special emails covering the event - one on Friday morning, the other on Monday to look at the new deals for Cyber Monday. You can sign up to our weekly emails using the box at the bottom of this article.

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Kagoo Guide: Black Friday 2020
Black Friday 2020 will be huge
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Demand may cause popular websites to crash
Buy Christmas presents early
Kagoo is here to help

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