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Star Wars Day Special: The strangest Star Wars appliances

Updated 04 May 2020
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It’s Star Wars day, and guess what - there is a ridiculous amount of Star Wars merchandise available to buy! Everything you would expect: mugs, t-shirts, toys... and a whole bunch of more ‘unusual’ offerings. So today we’re locking S-foils in attack positions, and hunting down the weirdest Star Wars appliances!

Space Toasters

Resource ID 542

You can’t crush the rebellion on an empty stomach, and so there are a trio of toasters that are not only shaped like Star Wars characters, but also burn designs onto the bread! Your choices are:

That's a trio of Dark Side toasters: clearly the Rebels prefer to start the day with something a bit sweeter...

Space Waffle Irons

Resource ID 544

...Like waffles! If you feel the need for breakfast shaped like everybody’s second favourite droid (second only to the Gonk Droid), then the BB-8 Waffle Maker has you covered! However, if you need to temper the sweet waffles with the power of the Dark Side, then this Darth Vader Waffle Maker will do the trick!

Space Drinks

Resource ID 539

Space breakfasts needs drinks, and of course there is a Star Wars appliance for that! If you are a tea drinker, then this lightsaber-handled Darth Vader Kettle is sure to make every cup of Earl Grey taste like galactic domination.

Alternatively, if you prefer coffee to start your day, then this R2-D2 Cafetière is certain to put a smile on your face. Don’t forget the blue milk!

Space Shaving

No evil galactic empire was ever toppled with bad personal hygiene - luckily there is the BB-8 electric shaver, to keep your rebel face clean and tidy!

Space Music

Resource ID 543

Let’s be honest - Star Wars wouldn’t be half as popular without John Williams’ iconic score. So if you’re going to be blasting ‘Duel of the Fates’ at top volume, use this Millennium Falcon bluetooth speaker!

Space Popcorn

When you’re feeling like some space snacks, there’s a Star Wars gadget for that too! You’ve got a choice of two different popcorn makers - a rather cute R2-D2 popper and a giant Death Star popcorn maker where the top doubles as a bowl. Perfect for snacking while binge-watching The Mandalorian!

Space Cooking

Resource ID 541

When it comes to cooking, you won’t be surprised to learn there is a wealth of Star Wars products and appliances to make preparing dinner exciting! There are so many, but I’ve picked out a couple of highlights:

And the pinnacle of Star Wars themed cooking gear - a grill shaped like a TIE Fighter! This thing takes Star Wars themed appliances to the next level - not only is the entire chassis designed like a TIE Fighter, but the heat gauge resembles fighter’s instrument console, and it has a stamp built into the grilling surface that sears STAR WARS onto your steaks. Clearly, an elegant barbeque for a more civilised age!

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