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Kagoo Guide: How to Compare International Prices

Updated 24 June 2020
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Have you ever wondered whether it might be cheaper to buy your next tech item from another country?

The vast majority of electrical items are universal these days so they will work equally well in any country. Also more and more retailers and actively looking to sell their products to an international market and are setup ready to deliver to your home country.

The main advantage of buying overseas is to try to find a cheaper price, but a further advantage can be securing items that have not yet been released in your country or which are out of stock locally.

Increasingly retailers are looking to sell their products to an international market.

Kagoo makes it easy to compare prices from different countries by using our international prices tools. To get started just go to any of our product pages and then scroll down to the main prices table. In the top left corner of this table you will see a “New Prices” filter. Click this filter and select “International Prices”. We will then search for international prices for the product and add those to the price table.

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We search for prices on our products in over 20 international market places. We then take those prices and convert the prices to your local currency using today’s currency exchange rates. Finally we sort all the prices to find the cheapest deal across all countries.

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Introducing Kagoo World Buy

In addition to the international prices on our product pages, you can also use our World Buy tool. This new tool lets you search for any product across multiple countries instantly.

Just like the product international prices, we instantly convert the overseas prices to your local currency and sort the prices to find the cheapest offer. The tool also lets you filter the prices by country.

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Tips for Buying Overseas

What Is The Grey Market for Electricals?

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The Grey Market refers to branded products that are sold in one country and then distributed to another country by certain retailers outside of the manufacturer's normal distribution channels.

Buying on the grey market is not illegal, but you are buying outside of the product manufacturer's preferred channels.

Some manufacturers use the different distribution channels to vary the price of their products on a country by country basis according what price level each country can sustain. The manufacturer may also vary their product codes by country which can make it harder to check if an international version of a product is the same as the local version.

International Warranties

Most electricals are quite expensive purchases and so getting a warranty that is valid in your country is an important consideration. Historically warranties have only been valid in the country of purchase, but the situation is improving and more an more manufacturers are offering international warranties on their products.

Some categories of product are notorious for deliberately limiting the scope of their warranties to prevent products being bought in a cheaper country and then sold in a more expensive country. In particular mobile phones are known for for this behaviour.

Most retailers that are selling to an international market will be familiar with questions about the validity of product warranties outside the country of purchase. In addition many retailers will offer a top up warranty product that can be purchased for a small fee which can extend the geographic range and number of years that your purchase is under warranty for.

Always check with the retailer whether the product warranty will be applicable in your country.

VAT & Customs

You are likely to be exempt from VAT (Value Added Tax / Sales Tax) in the country that you are purchasing from, but will then need to pay VAT in the country that you live in. When the retailer dispatches the product they will include on the parcel the value of the product. The local customs service in your country will inspect this document and apply any additional VAT that may be required. Certain types of product may also attract additional import tariffs.

Some countries have reciprocal arrangements on VAT or are members of free trade zones, for example within the European Union, which makes it much easier for retailers to dispatch products to you without any customs checks.

Always check with the retailer about customs and VAT due on the product and who is responsible for making these payments.

Delivery Damage & Faulty Products

If your product is damaged during delivery or doesn't work as expected then it will be much harder to return your product to the retailer and they may be less willing to help rectify these types of situation if they are based overseas.

Having said this, the internet has massively increased the prevalence of customer reviews for all retailers. Most retailers will want to avoid a negative review and will try to resolve the situation amicably.

Try to find retailer reviews before deciding to buy.

How to Pay

Always pay using a credit card (not a debit card or bank transfer) as the credit card company will be able to offer support if things go wrong. Also consider paying via Paypal as they will support you for up to 3 months if there are problems with the purchase,

Always pay with a credit card when making international purchases.
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