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Kagoo App Starter Kit - Productivity

Updated 11 May 2021
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Kagoo recently started supporting smartphones on the site, offering comprehensive details on a whole range of quality smartphones. You can browse all the latest Smartphones in our Smartphone Hub & view the best deals on our Smartphone Deals Page. To celebrate their arrival, we’re looking in depth at smartphone features - today we’ll be sharing the first part of the Kagoo App Starter Kit: a list of the best apps to install on your new phone!

It’s a common feeling - you get a brand new phone, and immediately want to fill it with all the cool apps you can. However there are just so many - how is anyone meant to choose? Well here are some suggestions, starting with some work & productivity apps.


A good email app is a must for any smartphone - it will help you organise your life, keep on top of work and weed out junk emails. There are a plethora of different email apps, but here are 3 of the best:



(iOS & Android - Free)
Google needs no introduction - their Gmail system is one of the backbones of the modern net, and the equivalent smartphone app is a great all-around email app. If you use a lot of other Google services (such as Google Drive or Google Calendar) then the robust integration inside this app makes it a must.


(iOS & Android - Free)

Microsoft’s Outlook email system has often played second-fiddle to Gmail, but their smartphone app has been quietly improving over the years. It now easily equals Gmail - indeed some people far prefer it. The user interface is more refined than Gmail, and the automatic sorting & focused inbox options can help tame extremely busy inboxes. The ability to link in Office files (such as Word or Excel docs) can be extremely helpful when organising projects



(iOS & Android - Free/£59 yearly Pro subscription)
ProtonMail is a secure encrypted email app that specialises in keeping your messages safe and secure. Originally designed by CERN scientists, it uses top-grade end-to-end encryption to make sure nobody can intercept and read your emails, and you remain anonymous. For those who value security, Protonmail is the best email app for your smartphone.


Life can get very busy - juggling business and personal engagements can be exhausting without the proper tools. So installing a robust calendar app will make your life so much easier!

Google Calendar


(iOS & Android - Free)
As with Gmail, Google Calendar is a well-designed app that provides full integration with the wide range of Google’s programs and infrastructure. Helpful additions like auto-detecting events in emails help make this a perfect (and free!) calendar app for most people.

Calendar 5

(iOS only - £28.99)

Calendar 5 by Readle [] is the latest version of the popular iOS calendar app. It features numerous helpful features - including natural language input for events (i.e - typing ‘chat with Andy sunday evening’ will create the relevant entry), integration with multiple calendars for other family members or co-workers, and a colourful design. Unfortunately there isn’t a native Android app, and it doesn’t come cheap - nearly £30 for the premium version. For people who live by their calendars however, this is a small price to pay for a powerful app.

Outlook Calendar

(iOS & Android - Free)

Again, Outlook has largely been living in Gmail’s shadow, but it is an excellent calendar app in it’s own right - especially if you already use Outlook or Outlook365 in other parts of your personal or business life. Speaking personally, I feel the user interface is superior to Gmail’s, but much of it comes down to personal preference.

Task Management

A good to-do list can help tame the mass of tasks every day, and help you plan your life more efficiently. While some people prefer the old-school pen and paper approach, or leaving sticky notes everywhere, a well-designed task management app can really make juggling multiple projects and family responsibilities.



(iOS & Android - Free/£35 yearly pro subscription)
Todoist has been around for a long time, and it’s extremely good at what it does. A simple, uncluttered layout and robust options for sharing and collaboration make it perfect for working with a team on joint projects. There is a free version of Todoist available, but the limitations are rather stingy - thankfully the full version isn’t particularly expensive

Things 3


(iOS only - £9.99)
A personal recommendation here - I’ve used Things for numerous years, and find it an easy-to-use and powerful to do app, with a lot of great features. Unfortunately it isn’t available for Android, but if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, it’s a brilliant tool for organising your life. One important caveat - there are no collaboration/sharing options, so this is solely single-player. If you spend a lot of time working with a team on shared tasks, you may wish to look elsewhere.


(iOS & Android - Free)

Trello is somewhat different from the other two apps already mentioned - it’s more geared towards project management rather than task management. However the card-based, board-centred design is exceptionally helpful - so much so that Todoist nabbed the idea wholesale in a recent update. Trello’s power lies in being able to quickly lay out multiple parts for a project and see the status of everything at a glance. The free apps sync seamlessly with the desktop and web versions, and whole teams can use boards to brainstorm ideas, set deadlines and reorganise priorities. Kagoo uses Trello to manage the article writing side of the site - as well as to hold brainstorms of future ideas and goals.

Note Taking

One of the greatest strengths of a modern smartphone is that it’s always with you - as you work, as you walk, even in the loo. That makes it the *perfect* tool for note taking, allowing you to scribble down anything, anywhere. From shopping lists to ideas for the great American novel - write it down before you forget it!



(iOS & Android - Free)
Evernote has been around for a long time - it was originally started back in 2000 as a tool for notetaking and web clipping (storing snippets of web sites to read later) that were stored on an ‘infinite’ spool of paper. Since then, Evernote has expanded to become more than just note-taking - it is capable of storing images & video, digitizing documents and creating ‘scrapbooks’ of media. It can be a bit overwhelming at the start, but it’s extremely powerful - it’s great for taking mixed media notes, annotating images and putting down all your thoughts in a single place - whether it’s in text, voice or just a photo.


(iOS & Android - Free)

On the other end of the scale, Simplenote just does one thing - writing notes. It’s designed to be very intuitive and uncomplex, concentrating instead on rock-solid syncing between devices, allowing you to access your notes on pretty much any internet-enabled device. It’s not the prettiest app in the world, but it’s fantastic for taking text notes - and it’s free!



(iOS only - Free/£14 yearly pro subscription)
Bear is a relative newcomer as an app - it’s only been around for a few years, but made a big splash when it launched. There is no standout feature on Bear, but it does a lot of things very well - an uncluttered layout, robust support for markdown/html/etc, and easy organising/tagging features. It’s also rather pretty, with a nice selection of colour schemes and icons to help you personalise the app. One helpful addition is the ability to link notes together, creating Wiki-style groups of pages that can be navigated at a tap. Sadly Bear has remained stalwartly iOS-only - there are no plans for Android or PC apps, but for iOS & Mac users, this is a fantastic note-taking app.

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