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Kagoo News: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 launches tomorrow!

Updated 29 October 2020
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If you’re anything like us, you’ve been hungrily waiting for the return of ‘The Mandalorian’, Disney+’s surprisingly great live-action Star Wars TV series. Concentrating on the seedier areas of the Star Wars universe, the first season introduced us to ‘The Mandalorian’, a ruthless bounty hunter, and Baby Yod… I mean ‘The Child’, his target-turned-charge.

Despite the rather uneven nature of the last few Star Wars movies, The Mandalorian managed to tell a fantastic space cowboy yarn with just the right mix of seriousness and levity… and some fantastic music!

You won’t have to wait long to find out how the story continues, because the 2nd season starts tomorrow! As with Season 1, new episodes will launch every friday - the final episode drops on December 18th.

Season 2 release schedule

  • Episode 1: October 30
  • Episode 2: November 6
  • Episode 3: November 13
  • Episode 4: November 20
  • Episode 5: November 27
  • Episode 6: December 4
  • Episode 7: December 11
  • Episode 8: December 18

Now obviously here at Kagoo, we’re fans of The Mandalorian because we’re massive geeks. However the tech behind the show is also fascinating - they are using some really cutting-edge stuff. The largest innovation is called ‘The Volume’, and it’s effectively a gigantic circular video-wall that can be used to project backdrops all around the actors, so they’re not acting in a featureless wasteland (or a mass of green screen).

This in itself is not novel - projecting backgrounds behind actors has been used since the dawn of film. However The Volume is extremely intelligent - the screens that make up the walls are linked to the cameras used for filming, and can *alter* the images shown as the cameras move around!


Normally a projected backdrop only works from a single angle - such as the classic ‘moving road’ shot shown behind the back of drivers in old movies. The minute the angle changes, the illusion falls away. With this new technology however, the displayed image can be tweaked in real-time to match that of the camera, effectively allowing it to fake a backdrop in 360º almost flawlessly! This requires a massive amount of processing power - it’s no surprise that multiple hefty computers are powering each part of the screen, calculating the changes to perspective, lighting, etc that is required with even the smallest camera movement.

Not only does this allow for more immersive filmmaking, but in this time of quarantine and travel restrictions, it allows for location shooting without actually going anywhere. All that’s needed is a detailed capture of the required location, and it can be recreated in 3D - pretty snazzy stuff! Apparently over 50% of the shots in The Mandalorian were filmed using this tech, and it’s hard to tell the difference from the end result.

It’s the end result that we’re interested in though, and tomorrow you’ll be able to dive back into the world of Star Wars. Of course, you could watch it anywhere you have a net connection - on your phone, or on your PC screen during your lunch break. However with something this big and epic, it seems far more fitting to use a big screen and really immerse yourself in space-shooty-action! Luckily, that’s what we at Kagoo do best, so we’ve got big 4K TVs, cutting-edge 8K TVs, and the best deals on any kind of television you could want!

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