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Kagoo News - Samsung 110” MicroLED TV announced

Updated 16 December 2020
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This week Samsung opened preorders for an astounding new TV - a *110* inch MicroLED television!


For anyone who feels like their current TV just isn’t big enough, this is the one for you - this enormous MicroLED screen will be one of the largest televisions on the market when it launches next year! Samsung have really pulled out all the stops: the screen is full of cutting edge technology, and would look breathtaking anywhere you put it - as long as you can afford it!

The first thing you’ll notice is the size - at 110” this TV is simply enormous! In fact, it’s so large that the screen can be split into 4 separate 55” displays, each one showing a different film or stream! It’s all screen too, and none of the space is wasted - Samsung boasts that there is basically no bezel or border, with a 99.9% screen-to-body ratio!

Obviously such a giant screen could only fit in the largest of rooms, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it all at once! However if you can find a space for it, you’re in for an experience like no other!

While the price hasn’t been confirmed, it’s safe to assume that a cutting-edge 110” MicroLED TV won’t be cheap. Rumours put the pricetag at upwards of £150,000, so start saving those pennies!


The power behind such an enormous screen is MicroLEDs (KAGOO LINK), a new display technology similar to OLED. It uses a massive amount of microscopic LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) to display TV signals with far greater contrast, energy efficiently and visual quality than normal TVs. They can be significantly thinner too - some slimming down to only 5mm!

The main difference with MicroLEDs is the OLED screens use organic elements (hence the O in OLED), while MicroLEDs use inorganic elements. This means they have a far longer lifespan - Samsung estimates that they have a lifetime of over a decade - 100,000 hours! That is significantly longer than any current OLED screen.

MicroLEDs were developed by Sony back in 2012, but were extremely expensive to manufacture. This made them prohibitively expensive for anything other than small, low-energy displays like smartwatches. However improvements to the manufacturing process has allowed Samsung to create much larger displays using this technology, leading to this - the first consumer MicroLED television on the market!

One of the first large MicroLED TVs was ‘The Wall’, a ridiculous 292” MicroLED screen made up of multiple panels working together. This new 110” TV builds off that technology, but uses a single large panel - because it’s prefabricated rather than custom-built, it brings the price down and makes the TV more structurally secure.

Samsung’s new television doesn’t just excel in visual quality - it will also sound amazing too! The screen has a ‘Majestic Sound System’ built into it, which gives 5.1 channel sound without the need for any external speakers. There is also Samsung’s ‘Object Tracking Sound Pro’ system, which allows the TV to isolate moving sounds in whatever you’re watching (such as a car moving across the screen) and change the direction of that sound so it really sounds like it’s moving around you. This gives an unparalleled sense of immersion when watching movies!


Right now Samsung have only opened preorders in Korea, with a global launch in the 1st quarter of 2021. We’re likely to see more more information (including name & price) during CES 2021 - the virtual electronics show runs from the 11th-14th January. Hopefully CES will also bring details on Samsung’s full 2021 range of TVs, including a full range of MicroLED TVs, currently rumoured to be unveiled.

Kagoo will bring you any new information as soon as it’s released. Until that time, start measuring up for a truly enormous new TV experience!

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