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Kagoo News - Samsung’s Cat-Friendly Packaging

Updated 08 April 2021
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The news that Samsung has just launched their 2021 TV range had us thinking back to one of the most charming tech stories of last year - Samsung’s transforming packaging that can also serve as a cat home!

If you’ve ever bought a large piece of electronic equipment or furniture, you know it comes with a seemingly endless amount of cardboard, styrofoam, miscellaneous bits of paper and small plastic doodads that serve no obvious purpose. This inevitably goes straight into the bin - or into the optimistic cupboard of ‘Things You Might Need One Day’ and forgotten about.

Samsung had other ideas however - they have changed their ‘The Frame’ and ‘Sero’ TVs to have special ‘eco-packaging’, which is made of corrugated cardboard and designed to be cut up and upcycled into a variety of helpful items. These include bookshelves, storage boxes, piggy banks and more!

However the standout design has to be the cat house, which allows you to turn the box for a 65” TV into a cute cardboard box for your furry friend! You simply follow the instructions on their site and presto: a nice little Sunday afternoon crafts project! Unfortunately the designs still have Samsung’s logos all over them, but that’s nothing some paint or a couple of well-placed stickers couldn’t fix!


Now obviously you aren’t going to buy a TV purely because of the packaging, but this is a nice little extra if you’ve already got your mind set on a new Samsung TV. Plus, it’s nice to see companies thinking about better ways of packaging their products, and giving even half a thought to the environment! If you want to take a look at Samsung’s latest offerings, check out Kagoo’s Samsung TV hub, or read up on their latest 2021 TV, The Frame!

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