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Latest Smartphone Articles

Kagoo App Starter Kit - Social & Communication
By Alex on 13 May 2021
Our App Starter Kit continues with a look at some of the best social & communication apps
Kagoo App Starter Kit - Productivity
By Alex on 11 May 2021
Just got a new phone? Take a look at some of the best apps for work and productivity
Kagoo Guide: Smartphone Health Apps
By Alex on 6 May 2021
We detail how smartphones can be used to track every element of your health
Kagoo News: Apple releases Airtags & purple iPhone 12
By Alex on 27 Apr 2021
Get all the info on Apple's new Airtags and a fresh colour for the iPhone 12
Kagoo Explains - Smartphone Biometrics
By Alex on 22 Apr 2021
We look at the way your fingerprints and face are used to secure your phone
Kagoo Explains - Smartphone Step Tracking
By Alex on 20 Apr 2021
We look into how smartphones use a variety of sensors to measure your steps
Kagoo Explains: Introduction to Smartphone Sensors
By Alex on 15 Apr 2021
We take a look at the sensors that power your smartphone
Kagoo News: OnePlus 9 Series Launches
By Alex on 13 Apr 2021
Get the details on OnePlus' new smartphones, the OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro
Kagoo News - LG to stop making smartphones
By Alex on 6 Apr 2021
LG had announced they will retire from the smartphone market - get all the info here.
Kagoo Explains: GPS
By Alex on 30 Mar 2021
We explain the technology behind Global Positioning Systems
Kagoo Explains: Folding Smartphones
By Alex on 25 Mar 2021
We look at flexible displays - the next big thing in smartphone tech!
Kagoo Guide: Huawei App Support
By Alex on 23 Mar 2021
We look at the current situation of Huawei phones and their ongoing problems with app support
Kagoo Guide: iOS vs Android
By Alex on 18 Mar 2021
We explore the differences between Android & iOS
Kagoo Explains: 5G
By Alex on 16 Mar 2021
We look in detail at 5G networks, and how they can massively speed up your phones
Kagoo Guide: Smartphone Contract Price Alerts
By Alex on 12 Mar 2021
See how you can use Kagoo's price alert system to find the perfect smartphone contract
Kagoo News - Smartphones come to Kagoo
By Alex on 8 Mar 2021
Smartphone have launched on Kagoo - come find out all the details!
Should You Buy an Apple Smartphone?
By Matthew on 12 May 2021
Apple is one of the most popular smartphone brands as well as being well known for its headphones, optical disc drives and PC monitors. We've collated all the key information on Apple smartphones in this handy guide. We've analysed over 53,000 user and expert reviews and over 1,700 awards from...
5 Best Smartphones Under £1,000
By Matthew on 12 May 2021
Our latest run down of the top five smartphones under £1,000, comparing UK prices, reviews, specs and more.
What Are the Best Smartphone Brands?
By Matthew on 6 May 2021
We've ranked the top Smartphones brands according to their reviews, awards, popularity and features. Click to find out what the number 1 Smartphone brand is (Over 100 smartphones compared).
5 Best Google Phones 2021
By Matthew on 4 May 2021
Don't buy a Google phone until you have read our detailed assessment of the top five Google phones. We've scoured the web for reviews, specs, and the UK prices and summarised all this data in to a simple to understand table.
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