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Our story

Search Hundreds of Sites. Or Search Just One.

Our aim is to provide you with the most effective and user-friendly way to quickly find all the information you need to make the best possible buying decision.

Kagoo was founded by Matthew Wilson. Before starting Kagoo we felt that existing comparison sites focus almost entirely on price but offered little else.

We thought that the ideal comparison site would include a much wider range of information: an evaluation of the (often confusing) technical specification, independent reviews by experts and users, awards and prices and availability from online retailers and high street shops.

Kagoo was built to do just that. We find and evaluate millions of pieces of data every day and use this information to create easy to read product summaries which help you make an informed decision.

We had no programming experience and set about teaching ourselves about user interfaces, databases, server setup, information architecture and natural language processing. We then wrote the algorithms that aggregate and filter huge amounts of data every day and present it in a simple, intuitive and powerful interface.

Shortly after we set up Kagoo in 2012, Chris Morling joined us as an advisor and investor.