Siemens iQ300
Siemens iQ300
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Siemens IQ300

A 1 year old 66 liter Electric oven with poor features
66L Electric White 5 Aug 2016
Total Oven(s) Interior Capacity Oven Type Colour Oven Release Date

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Siemens IQ300 Review

Released just 12 months ago, we have ranked the Siemens iQ300 number 98 across all ovens.
Missing Some Features
12 Months Old
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 34?

Igenix ovens have excellent reviews in general.
With it being less than a year since it was released by Siemens, this oven features some of the latest oven technology. View the latest ovens 2017.
It is missing some features:
Quite high energy consumption (conventional)

Siemens IQ300 In-Depth Analysis


Average Total Oven(s) Interior Capacity

At 66 liters, the Siemens iQ300 has a pretty average total oven(s) interior capacity compared to most of the other ovens.

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Five Ovens

The Siemens iQ300 has more ovens than most of the ovens. This Siemens oven is a five oven oven compared to most of the ovens which only have between one and four ovens.

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Quite High Energy Consumption (conventional)

The Siemens iQ300 has a fairly high energy consumption (conventional) (0.98 kilowatt hours) compared to most of the other ovens. The lowest energy consumption (conventional) of ovens is 0.34kWh and the highest is 1,100kWh.

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Has a Fast Heat

The Siemens iQ300 has a fast heat. Most of the other ovens also have a fast heat.

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Fairly High Total Oven Power

The average total oven power of ovens is 3,200W, and the total oven powers range from 40W to 12,000W. At 4,700 Watts, the Siemens iQ300 has a fairly high total oven power compared to most of the other ovens.

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Has a Child Lock

The Siemens iQ300 has a child lock, as do most of the other ovens.

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Released 12 Months Ago

It was August 2016 when Siemens released the iQ300.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers newappliances wm14n200gb, newappliances wt45n200gb, siemens iq300wm14q391gb, siemensparts lc77wa532b, siemensparts gi38na55gb, siemensparts sn56m531gb, siemensparts ki86vvf30g, siemens iq300kg39nvi32g, siemens iq300ka62dv00gb, siemensparts wk14d321gb, siemens iq300kg34nvi30g, siemensparts ki81rad30, siemens kg34nvl35gssl, siemens kg39vvw31gwh, siemens gs29nvw30gwh, siemens kg39nvi35gss, siemens sn236i01mgss, siemens sn66d000gbbk, siemens gs36nvi30gix, siemens wt45n200gbwh, siemens ki85vvf30gwh, siemens wm14n200gbwh, siemens ki22lvf30gwh, siemens ka90nvi20gss, siemens ki41rvs30gwh, siemens ki22lvs30gwh, siemens ki81rvs30gwh, siemens ks29vvw30gwh, siemens kg36vvi32gss, siemens kg36nxx3agbk, siemens ki87vvf30gwh, siemens gs36nvw30gwh, siemens ki86nvf30gwh, siemens kg36nvw35gwh, siemens sn236w01igwh, siemens kg33vvi31gss, siemens wt45h200gbwh, siemens kg36vvw33gwh, siemens ki86vvf30gwh, siemens ks36vvi30gss, siemens ki21rvf30gwh, siemens ki87vvs30gwh, siemens wm12n200gbwh, siemens ki42lvs30gwh, siemens ki82lvs30gwh, siemens kg39nvw35gwh, siemens ki31rvs30gwh, siemens kg39nxb35gbk, siemens wk14d321gbwh, package kg34nvw24gb, siemens kg39nxi35ix, 773181471wt45n200gb
Barcodes 00635131617539, 00635131621642, 00635131622298, 00635131622564, 04242003427231, 04242003495483, 04242003572023, 04242003588581, 04242003588604, 04242003588611, 04242003588628, 04242003588741, 04242003615560, 04242003615577, 04242003632116, 04242003654620, 04242003665107, 04242003665114, 04242003665411, 04242003666623, 04242003675274, 04242003678664, 04242003679715, 04242003679722, 04242003691953, 04242003693223, 04242003694275, 04242003697023, 04242003707050, 04242003717271
Higher total oven power
Bigger total oven(s) interior capacity
Only two ovens