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Siemens iQ700
Siemens iQ700
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Siemens IQ700 Oven

35L Electric Convection 1 Jan 2016
Total Oven(s) Interior Capacity Oven Type Cooking Type Oven Release Date Energy Efficiency Rating
Features auto power off system
Features steam cooking
Only Small size

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Cooking Functions & Programs

Features Steam Cooking

The Siemens iQ700 features steam cooking, as do most of the other comparable spec ovens that came out around the same time as this oven.

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Released Over a Year Ago

This single oven was released in January 2016.


Features Auto Power Off System

The Siemens iQ700 features auto power off system, as do most of the other ovens that have been on the market for a similar time to this oven.

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Has an Auto-Off Timer

The Siemens iQ700 has an auto-off timer, as do most of the other single ovens that have been on the market for more than a year.

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Only Small Size

The Siemens iQ700 has a Small oven size which is bigger than the Medium oven size found on most ovens of a similar age and type to it.

A Small oven size is actually the worst oven size amongst all single ovens that came out more than a year ago.

The best oven size across similar types of oven is Large.

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One Oven

The number of ovens on the Siemens iQ700 is one which is average compared to the other 587 single ovens that are a comparable age to this oven that we have assessed the number of ovens of.

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35 Liters Total Oven(s) Interior Capacity

This is a 35 liters interior capacity oven.

If you would prefer an oven with a bigger total oven(s) interior capacity then you might want to look at the C57M70S3GB (£549) (36L), the C47D22N3GB (£439) (38L), or the C17DR02N0B (£718.99) (38L) all from Neff.

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Quite Low Energy Consumption (conventional)

Single ovens that came out more than a year ago have energy consumption (conventional) of between 0.58kWh and 900kWh. With an energy consumption (conventional) of only 0.6 kilowatt hours, the Siemens iQ700's energy consumption (conventional) is one of the lowest amongst single ovens that are a similar age to this oven.

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Has a Built-In Display

The Siemens iQ700 has a built-in display, as do most of the other ovens that were released around the same time as this oven.

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Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers siemens iq700speedmaticsn277w01tg, siemens ci24rp01refrigerator, siemens iq700et475my11e, siemens iq700kg39fpi30, siemens iq700ks36wpi30, siemens cs658grs1bss, siemens hb656gbs1bss, siemens bi630dns1bbk, siemens bi630cns1bbk, siemens cs656gbs1bss, siemens cb675gbs1bss, siemens hb672gbs1bss, siemens bf634lgs1bss, siemens hb632gbs1bss, siemens hn678g4s1bss, siemens wi12s141gbwh, siemens be634lgs1bss, siemens cm633gbs1bss, siemens ka92nlb35bk, siemens hb36d275bwh, siemens ks36fpi30ss, siemens ks36wpi30ss, siemens kg36nsw31wh, siemens kg39fsb30bk, siemens gs36dpi20ss, siemens kg39fpi30ix, siemens kf18wa43wh, siemens ld97aa670b, siemens sn26t597gb, siemens hm678g4s1b, siemens sn277w01tg, siemens kf18wa42wh, siemens ex975lxc1e, siemens ka62ds50gb, siemens hm656gns1b, siemens wd14h520gb, siemens et475my11e, siemens cn678g4s1b, siemens wm14y890gb, siemens cd634gbs1b, siemens er726rb71e, siemens lc67bf532b, siemens cm656gbs1b
Barcodes 00635131613388, 00635131619670, 00635131622069, 00635131623592, 00756843239786, 00756843243523, 00756843246005, 00756843246012, 04242003419489, 04242003440704, 04242003441862, 04242003528556, 04242003550168, 04242003561133, 04242003565780, 04242003566220, 04242003566770, 04242003566794, 04242003566800, 04242003572337, 04242003591734, 04242003599082, 04242003613412, 04242003614273, 04242003624364, 04242003628881, 04242003634349, 04242003634356, 04242003637463, 04242003640296

Siemens iQ700 Review Sources

To prepare this Siemens iQ700 review we compared this oven to 2,201 other models. For each oven that we compared, we collated thousands of pieces of information including technical specs, reviews, and prices. In total we analysed 286,479 product attributes, 959 oven reviews and 2,039,600 historical oven prices from 0 oven retailers. We then picked out the standout features of this oven compared to the other models as well as any areas where this oven is lacking.

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