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HP 2009m
HP 2009m
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HP 2009m PC Monitor

20" 1600 X 900 LCD 523mm Oct 2012
Display Diagonal Display Resolution Display Width Release Date
Average expert reviews
Excellent performance for the price
Good technical features
5 Reviews

Available used and from international sellers only

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Average Expert Reviews

On average, based on five expert reviews from sites including,, and Mac World the average expert rating of this flatpanel monitor is 74%.

HP PC Screens Have Good Reviews

Based on 2,104 expert and owner reviews (including 391 verified purchases), HP has good reviews for its LCD screens. HP also has good reviews specifically for its medium monitors compared to other manufacturers. 92% of those that bought a HP PC monitor would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.


Excellent Performance for the Price

Seven customers considered that it was good value for money. Eight years ago mentioned “Excellent performance for the price” in their review of the HP 2009m. gave it a score of 7 stars and said in their review of this PC monitor in the same month “HP’s 2009m is an affordable 20-inch widescreen display that produced impressive image quality in our subjective tests”. also wrote “Despite a few drawbacks—no HDMI connection and little physical adjustabililty—the 2009m is a very reasonably priced monitor that offers great image quality” in their review.


Good Technical Features

One customer said in their reviews that the product had good features.


Smart, If Slightly Dull, Design

Two customers thought the HP 2009m was good looking. Expert website wrote “The HP 2009m is a good-looking 20-inch display with enough features to make it well worth its low price” and gave it a score of 6 stars. also wrote “A pleasing aesthetic” in their review.

One person who reviewed the product considered that it was well designed. wrote in their review of this PC monitor “Smart, if slightly dull, design” but even so they gave it a score of 17.6 out of 100. One customer who purchased it considered that it was ergonomic.

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The HP 2009m Includes Screen Tilt and Swivel, Built in Speakers

Two owners who bought it said that it was well made. wrote in their review of this PC monitor eight years ago “The HP 2009m includes screen tilt and swivel, built in speakers” however despite that they gave this PC monitor a score of 1 stars. said on expert website “The monitor includes a couple of useful ergonomic options, built in speakers”.

Nice Image Quality

Five people mentioned in their reviews that it was good quality. said “Nice image quality” in their review of this PC monitor. Expert website mentioned in their HP 2009m review “An affordable 20-inch widescreen display, produced impressive image quality in our subjective tests” and scored the product 7 stars.

Easy to Use On-Screen Controls

One person mentioned that it was easy to use. mentioned eight years ago “Easy to use on-screen controls” however despite that they scored the product 17.6 out of 100.

Good Picture Quality

Five owners who bought the HP 2009m thought it had good picture quality.


Wall Mountable

The HP 2009m is wall mountable. Most of the other PC screens that have been around for more than two years also are wall mountable.

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Has an HDCP

The HP 2009m has an HDCP, as do most of the other PC monitors of this age and spec.

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Only 1600 X 900 Pixels Display Resolution

The HP 2009m has a maximum display resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. That's 31% less display resolution than a 1920 x 1080 pixels LCD screen, which is the most common display resolution. Across all PC monitors that are a similar age to this PC screen the worst display resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels and the best is 3440 x 1440 pixels.

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Quite Narrow Viewing Angle, Horizontal

The viewing angles, horizontal of flatpanel monitors of this type and age range from 18° to 1,800°, and the average viewing angle, horizontal is 170°. At only 160 degrees, the HP 2009m has a very narrow viewing angle, horizontal compared to most of the other medium monitors that are a similar age to this PC monitor.

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Does Not Have a Built-In Speaker(s)

The HP 2009m does not have a built-in speaker(s), unlike most of the other similar spec LCD screens that were released around the same time as this PC display.

There are a number of alternative PC monitors which also have a built-in speaker(s) which you might also want to look at including the Samsung 320MXN-3, the Neovo TX-32, or the AOC Q2770PQU which also has a higher rating.

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Released Over Four Years Ago

It was April 2017 when this PC screen was released.

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