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A staggeringly economical to run and best selling quiet 720p multimedia projector, with a very good price and a breathtakingly high 100000:1 contrast ratio
30dB 1280 X 720 (720p) 100000:1 Yes Oct 2017
Noise Level Projector Native Resolution Contrast Ratio 3D Release Date
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LG Minibeam PH450UG Portable Projector (HD, LED, Ultra short throw, 100,000:1 contrast, 450 lumens)
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Amazon UK
LG PH450UG 450ANSI lumens DLP 720p (1280x720) 3D Portable projector Silver data projector
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Amazon UK
New LG Mini Beam TV PH450U Projector UST 1280X720 450 Ansi Bluetooth Miracast(ship from korea / Tax is not included
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Purchase price £499.00. APR 16.9%.
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{NEC PA572
Was £2,532 (33 days ago)
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LG PH450U Review

With very low running costs and at under only 6 months old, we have ranked the LG PH450U number 1 in battery powered projectors, number 7 in best selling projectors and number 25 in 3D projectors.
90 Reviews + 3 Awards
Value for Money
Good Features
3 Months Old
Running Costs
£16 Over 5 Years
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 87?

It has good expert reviews and great user reviews with an average overall rating of 80%, based on 90 reviews. This projector has received three awards including a "Gold" from and a "Like it" from Epson data projectors also have excellent reviews in general.
Released by LG only 3 months ago, it is one of the newest data projectors on the market, incorporating some of the latest data projector features. View the latest multimedia projectors 2018.
It has running costs of only £16 over 5 years, which puts it in the cheapest 3% of all 2,022 projectors that we have compared it to. View all energy saving projectors.
This LG projector is one of the best selling multimedia projectors currently on the market. View best selling multimedia projectors January 2018.
Customers report good picture quality, superior product quality and nice design. However they also report unacceptable noise level.
The PH450U has some good features, but is also missing a couple of features:
Quieter than average noise level
Higher than average contrast ratio (typical)
Ultra short throw projection
Embedded battery
Connect wirelessly
Bluetooth sound out
30,000 hours of entertainment
Dimmer than average projector brightness
Does not support full HD

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LG PH450U Video Reviews

LG PH450U In-Depth Analysis

Reviews Summary

Three Industry Awards

This LG data projector has received three awards from expert review sites.

The author at website gave this multimedia projector a "Gold" award and said it was terrific and it received a "Like it" award from website

The editor of one more expert review site concluded that this LG multimedia projector was very good. This was from who gave it an "Good Product".

Average Expert Reviews

On average, based on eight expert reviews from sites including Techradar,, and the average expert rating of this projector is 75%.

View all expert reviews

Good Owner Reviews

On average, based on 82 owner reviews this multimedia projector has an overall owner rating of 84 out of 100. Over 76% of reviewers gave this projector either 4 or 5 stars.

View all user reviews

Popular Choice

The PH450U is one the fastest selling projector currently available.

Users Report Unacceptable Noise Level

Eight people concluded that the product was noisy.

Users Report Good Picture Quality

Five people agreed that this projector had good picture quality and three people who reviewed this projector considered that it had good colour saturation.

Customers Report Excellent Product Quality

10 owners who reviewed it reckoned that it was good quality.

LG Projectors Have Very Good Reviews

Based on 645 expert and owner reviews (including 151 verified purchases), LG has very good reviews for its data projectors. 93% of those that bought a LG projector would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.

Customers Report Excellent Design

Four people wrote in their reviews that it was well designed and two owners who bought it reckoned that it was good looking.

Customers Report Good Environmental Credentials

Two customers who bought the product agreed that it was good in terms of power usage.

  • Looks best when the energy saving mode is on the lowest setting…
    LT ( - February 2017
  • The projector fan is completely silent on the maximum energy saving mode…
    LT ( - February 2017

Customers Report That it is a Good Size

Two people who bought it considered that it was compact.

Users Report a Good Remote Control

Four customers wrote in their reviews that the LG PH450U had a good remote control.

Users Report That it is Robust

Two customers wrote in their reviews that it was well made.

  • Offering excellent wired and wireless connectivity, not to mention a solid picture for the price…
  • It was twice the price and is only 47" not 100"! You want a cinema in your own home, go for it, you don't need to ceiling mount it just get a nice solid unit…
  • Amazing projector, very impressed with all the things this can do and the size is amazing its so small and very well made…
  • Bad points as the mirror is exposed it collects a lot of dust and you need to be very careful wiping it as it is very easily scratched…
  • LED means reliable long life over conventional bulbs, no worries of bulb replacement cost…

Customers Report That it is Easy to Use

Two owners who purchased it thought it was easy to setup and two people who bought it agreed that it was easy to use the menus.

Users Report Good Sound Quality

Four people who reviewed it considered that it had good sound quality.

Users Report That it is Reasonably Priced

Eight people said that the LG PH450U was good value for money.

Value For Money

Brilliant Value for Money

The product has excellent reviews, good features and is under 6 months old. At £499.00 it is cheaper than 72% of projectors.

Price Has Gone Up by £119 (24%)

There was a cheaper price of £379.99 on Amazon UK 57 days ago.

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Cheaper in the United Kingdom Than Overseas

We checked 22 other countries for prices for the LG PH450U and the United Kingdom price of £499.00 was the cheapest.

The cheapest price that we could find overseas was in the United States where the price is $519.95 (£716.39).

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Running Costs

Very Low Running Costs

The PH450U is one of the cheapest to run projectors that we have assessed for 5 year running costs. Based on typical energy prices, we estimate the 5 year running cost of the PH450U is only £16.

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Just Released Three Months Ago

This projector is one of the most recent multimedia projectors to be released. This means it is likely to have better features than some of the older multimedia projectors.


1280 X 720 (720p) Resolution

The LG PH450U has a 1280 x 720 (720p) projector native resolution which is higher than the 1280 x 800 resolution found on most projectors.

What does "projector native resolution" mean? Less Edit

Quieter Than Average Noise Level

The noise levels of projectors range from 20dB to 93dB, and the average noise level is 34dB. The LG PH450U's noise level of only 30dB is quieter than average when compared to most other projectors. It is quieter than 85% of all projectors when sorted by this feature.

What does "noise level" mean? Less Edit

Higher Than Average Contrast Ratio (typical)

Multimedia projectors have contrast ratio (typical) of between 1.5 and 2,500,000, and the average contrast ratio (typical) is 27,000. The contrast ratio (typical) of the PH450UG of 100,000 is higher than 96% of all multimedia projectors when ordered by this feature.

Chart Hide Chart What does "contrast ratio" mean? Less Edit

Dimmer Than Average Projector Brightness

Multimedia projectors have projector brightnesses of between 100 ANSI lumens and 85,000 ANSI lumens, and the average projector brightness is 3,700 ANSI lumens. The LG PH450U's projector brightness of only 450 ANSI lumens is in the dimmest 3% of all projectors when ordered by this feature.

Chart Hide Chart What does "projector brightness" mean? Less Edit

Supports 3D

The LG PH450U supports 3D, which is unusual. 60% of projectors do not support 3D.

Chart Hide Chart What is 3D? Less Edit

Very Long Service Life of Lamp

The service life of lamps of data projectors range from 200h to 50,000h, and the average service life of lamp is 7,000h. The service life of lamp of the LG PH450U of 30,000h is in the longest 1% of all projectors when ordered by this feature.

Chart Hide Chart What does "service life of lamp" mean? Less Edit

Has a Built-In Speaker

The LG PH450U has a built-in speaker. 77% of projectors also have a built-in speaker.

Chart Hide Chart What is a built-in speaker? Less Edit

Has a Handheld Remote Control

The LG PH450U has a handheld remote control. 81% of projectors also have a handheld remote control.

Chart Hide Chart What is a handheld remote control? Less Edit

Features Noise Reduction

The LG PH450U features noise reduction, unlike 98% of projectors which do not feature noise reduction.

Chart Hide Chart What is noise reduction? Less Edit

Supports Wi-Fi

The LG PH450U supports Wi-Fi, unlike 90% of projectors which do not support Wi-Fi.

Chart Hide Chart What is Wi-Fi? Less Edit

Has a TV Tuner Integrated

The LG PH450U has a TV tuner integrated. 99% of projectors do not have a TV tuner integrated.

Chart Hide Chart What is a TV tuner integrated? Less Edit

Does Not Support Full HD

Like most other data projectors, the LG PH450U does not support full HD. 63% of projectors do not support full HD.

Chart Hide Chart What is full HD? Less Edit

Supports Bluetooth

The LG PH450U supports Bluetooth, which is unusual. 98% of projectors do not support Bluetooth.

Chart Hide Chart What is Bluetooth? Less Edit


The LG PH450U is HD-Ready, which is unusual. 80% of multimedia projectors are not HD-Ready.

Chart Hide Chart What does "HD-Ready" mean? Less Edit


The LG PH450U is 3D-ready, which is unusual. 85% of data projectors are not 3D-ready.

Chart Hide Chart What does "3D-ready" mean? Less Edit

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

mini beam tv ph450u, express 1280x720, express ph450u, lg 1280x720, lg ph450ug


00719192606487, 00719192607897, 04058154133538, 06222809982996, 08806087862508, 08806087862515

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