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Panasonic PTAE7000U

Panasonic PTAE7000U
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A good spec and staggeringly quiet 1080p 3D projector, with average running costs
22dB 1920 X 1080 (1080p) Yes 2,000 ANSI Lumens Mar 2013
Noise Level Projector Native Resolution 3D Projector Brightness Release Date
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Panasonic PTAE7000U Review

With very good features but low running costs, we have scored the Panasonic PTAE7000U as follows:
Good Features
4 Years Old
Running Costs
£72 Over 5 Years
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 40?

Viewsonic multimedia projectors have excellent reviews in general.
It is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer, better multimedia projectors are available. View the latest projectors 2017.
This projector has running costs of £72 over 5 years, which puts it typical compared to the other 1,852 data projectors that we have compared it to. View all energy saving multimedia projectors.
It has some good features, but is also missing a couple of features:
1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution
Quieter than average noise level
LCD panels driven at 480hx and original overdrive technology for clear 3d image<br>the pt-ae7000 features 480hz-driven LCD panels, which lengthen the time that the shutter is open about 1.5 times the duration of a 240-hz drive system. together with panasonic's original high-precision overdrive technology, this improves the brightness of the images viewed through 3d eyewear, while at the same time minimizing crosstalk, or double image seen as a result of the left image entering the right eye and vice versa.<br> enhanced dynamic range with advance optical system
New red-rich lamp<br>the new 200-w red-rich lamp increases the luminous efficiency of the projector to achieve brighter images with excellent color purity. able to produce a stunning brightness of 2,000 lm, the pt-ae7000 unleashes the beauty of 2d/3d full-hd expression for viewing on various screen sizes.<br>dynamic iris adds beauty to both dark and bright scenes<br>the fifth generation intelligent iris system works by analyzing the brightness level of each iamge using a histogram, then adjusting the lamp power, iris and gamma curve* accordingly to create the ideal image. the adjustments are made virtually frame by frame. this helps the projector achieve a wide dynamic range with swift smoothness for added beauty in both dark and bright scenes.<br> smooth screen technology
Dimmer than average projector brightness
Smaller than average bulb power

Panasonic PTAE7000U Video Reviews

Panasonic PTAE7000U In-Depth Analysis

Reviews Summary

Panasonic Has Excellent Reviews for Its Multimedia Projectors

Panasonic is one of the best multimedia projector manufacturers according to average expert and user reviews. 98% of those that bought a Panasonic multimedia projector would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.

Running Costs

Running Costs Are OK

The average running cost of the PTAE7000U is £72 over 5 years based on average usage levels and energy prices, which is typical compared to the other 1,852 projectors.

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Released Over Four Years Ago

Panasonic released the PTAE7000U in March 2013.


1920 X 1080 (1080p) Resolution

The PTAE7000U has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080p). That's over two times the resolution of the most frequently found resolution of 1280 x 800. The worst resolution of all multimedia projectors is 280 x 800 and the best is 4096 x 2160.

What does "projector native resolution" mean? Less Edit

Quieter Than Average Noise Level

The noise level of the PTAE7000U of only 22dB is quieter than 98% of all multimedia projectors when ordered by this feature. The average noise level of all projectors is 34dB, with the quietest being 20dB and the loudest being 93dB.

What does "noise level" mean? Less Edit

Dimmer Than Average Projector Brightness

The projector brightness of the Panasonic PTAE7000U of only 2,000 ANSI lumens is in the dimmest 10% of all multimedia projectors when ranked by this feature. The average projector brightness of all data projectors is 3,700 ANSI lumens, with the dimmest being 100 ANSI lumens and the brightest being 85,000 ANSI lumens.

What does "projector brightness" mean? Less Edit

Supports 3D

The PTAE7000U supports 3D. 60% of multimedia projectors do not support 3D.

What is 3D? Less Edit

Has a Handheld Remote Control

The Panasonic PTAE7000U has a handheld remote control, as do 79% of multimedia projectors.

What is a handheld remote control? Less Edit

Smaller Than Average Bulb Power

Across all the multimedia projectors the bulb powers range from 15W to 840W, and the average bulb power is 250W. The Panasonic PTAE7000U's bulb power of only 200W is smaller than average when compared to most other multimedia projectors. It is in the smallest 25% of all projectors when ordered by this feature.

Chart Hide Chart What does "bulb power" mean? Less Edit

Supports Full HD

The PTAE7000U supports full HD, which is unusual. 65% of multimedia projectors do not support full HD.

Chart Hide Chart What is full HD? Less Edit

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

panasonic ptae7000u, visipax prptae7000u, visipax ptae7000u, visipax 2d3d


00017896328231, 00115971219907, 00132017770338, 00151902974774, 00779184179252, 00885170049864, 05053731818579

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