Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU
Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU
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Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU

A fairly new 23" TV with low running costs but inferior features
23" HD No No Apr 2016
Display Diagonal HD Type 3D OLED Technology Release Date

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Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU Review

Released 1 year ago and with low running costs,
Missing Some Features
16 Months Old
£84 Over 5 Years
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 38?

Samsung televisions have excellent reviews in general.
At over a year old this television is slightly out of date, and newer televisions with more up to date technology are available. View the latest televisions 2017.
It has an energy efficiency classification of A, and its running costs of £84 over 5 years are typical compared to the other 4,025 TVs that we have compared it to. View all energy saving TVs.
This TV is missing some features:
Quite small display diagonal
Does not feature OLED technology
Not 3D
Does not support Wi-Fi

Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU In-Depth Analysis


Quite Small Display Diagonal

The smallest display diagonal of TVs is 2", the largest is 110", and the average display diagonal is 46". The Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU's display diagonal of only 23" is in the smallest 4% of all TVs when ordered by this feature.

What does "display diagonal" mean? Less Edit

Does Not Feature OLED Technology

The BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU does not feature OLED technology, although it is worth noting that 98% of TVs also do not feature OLED technology.

What is OLED technology? Less Edit

Not 3D

The Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU is not 3D, although it is worth noting that 74% of TVs are also not 3D.

What does "3D" mean? Less Edit

Quite Thin

Across all the TVs the thicknesses range from 1.7mm to 100mm, and the average thickness is 60mm. The BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU's thickness of only 43mm is in the thinnest 19% of all televisions when ordered by this feature.

What does "thickness" mean? Less Edit

Does Not Support Wi-Fi

The BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU does not support Wi-Fi, unlike 59% of TVs which support Wi-Fi.

What is Wi-Fi? Less Edit

Only 1366 X 768 Pixels Display Resolution

The highest display resolution supported by the BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU is 1366 x 768 pixels. That's 49% lower display resolution than a 1920 x 1080 pixels TV, which is the most common resolution supported by TVs. Across all TVs the resolution ranges from 1024 x 768 pixels (worst) to 5120 x 2160 pixels (best).

What does "display resolution" mean? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Quite Dim Display Brightness

The average display brightness of all TVs is 340 cd/m², with the dimmest being 50 cd/m² and the brightest being 4,000 cd/m². The BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU's display brightness of only 250 cd/m² is fairly dim compared to most other televisions. It is in the dimmest 19% of all TVs when ranked by this feature.

What does "display brightness" mean? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Quite Low RMS Rated Power

TVs have RMS rated powers of between 2W and 120W, and the average RMS rated power is 21W. The RMS rated power of the Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU of only 6W is in the lowest 5% of all TVs when sorted by this feature.

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Features Extended PVR

The BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU features extended PVR, which is unusual. 87% of TVs do not feature extended PVR.

What is extended PVR? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

3D Comb Filter

This TV has a 3D comb filter, which is typical of many TVs.

What does "comb filter" mean? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Supports Parental Controls

The Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU supports parental controls, which is unusual. 88% of TVs do not support parental controls.

What is parental controls? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Does Not Support Internet TV

The Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU does not support internet TV, although this is within the context that 61% of TVs also do not support internet TV.

What is internet TV? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Has an ECO Mode

The BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU has an ECO mode, unlike 93% of TVs which do not have an ECO mode.

What is an ECO mode? Less Chart Hide Chart Edit

Does Not Have an Ethernet Port

The BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU does not have an ethernet port, unlike 64% of TVs which have an ethernet port.

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Released 16 Months Ago

This Blaupunkt television has been on the market since April 2016.

Running Costs

OK Running Costs

This TV is rated A for energy efficiency. The BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU has an average 5 year running cost of £84 based on alright energy prices and usage levels, which is typical compared to the other 4,025 TVs.

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Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers blaupunkt bla23207ogb3begbqdueu, blaupunkt bla23207igb3bhbkupeu
Barcodes 08586018081948

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Blaupunkt BLA-23-207I-GB-3B-HBKUP-EU

Hugely larger display diagonal
12% faster response time
Higher running costs over five years by £54.48
Cheaper to run by £24.04
1" larger display diagonal
Older by nine months
52% cheaper to run
A little larger display diagonal
Hugely dimmer display brightness