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A classic 1,000W Cylinder vacuum vacuum, but with poor features
1,000W Cylinder Vacuum Dry 8kg Jan 2013
Maximum Input Power Type Cleaning Type Weight Release Date

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Used - Aeg Usenergy vacuum cleaner 1000 w - clear blue (Used)
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With excellent reviews but low running costs, we have scored the AEG USENERGY as follows for Summary.
9 Reviews
Missing Some Features
4 Years Old
£246 Over 10 Years
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 42?

It has superb user reviews with an average user rating of 98%. Numatic vacuums also have excellent reviews in general.
This vacuum cleaner is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer vacuum cleaners with better features are available. However it has good reviews so it may still be worth considering. View the latest vacuums 2017.
This AEG vacuum cleaner has running costs of £246 over 10 years, which puts it typical compared to the other 1,561 vacuums that we have compared it to.
Customers report noise level, good suction and brush. However they also report that it is not an acceptable size.
The USENERGY is missing some features:
Not cordless

AEG USENERGY In-Depth Analysis


Excellent Owner Reviews

This vacuum has a superb average owner rating based on 9 owner reviews. 8 reviewers (88% of all reviewers) gave this vacuum cleaner the highest possible rating of 5 stars. This means that owners think this AEG vacuum is one of the better vacuums.

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Customers Report Acceptable Noise Level

Eleven AEG USENERGY reviewers concluded that it was quiet. Gooljd mentioned in October last year “Very quiet and sucks very well” and rated it 5 stars. Also in October last year Katfishh mentioned “Finally, this is super quiet” in their AEG USENERGY review and gave the product a very good review. Katfishh also said “Its so quiet that when we first turned it on, we looked at each other in amazement”.

Customers Report Good Suction

Some people who reviewed this vacuum cleaner said that it had good suction. Moz wrote “Very strong suction and also very quiet” in their review of the AEG USENERGY and gave it a rating of 4 stars. Peter Piper said “With the brush retracted in the 'up' position the suction is so powerful the head sticks to the floor” and gave it a very good review. Peter Piper also said “I also like the way the suction unit effortlessly trails around behind me”.

Users Report Good Brush

A number of AEG USENERGY reviewers who reviewed the AEG USENERGY concluded that it had a good brush. Katfishh rated the AEG USENERGY as very good and mentioned on Amazon “It has a little commpartment to keep the little upholstery brush it (great at preventing it getting list, as it always does in our house”. Katfishh also said “It has another brush for carpets and rugs”. Peter Piper mentioned on Amazon “The small brush attachment is brilliant for small nooks” in his review of this vacuum cleaner.

Customers Report That it is Easy to Use

One customer mentioned in their reviews that it was easy to use. Katharine Kirby gave the product a score of 5 stars and she mentioned on Amazon “Crank that handy dial backwards until you can propel the brush about with ease”. One AEG USENERGY reviewer who reviewed the product reckoned that it was easy to assemble. Katfishh mentioned “A dream to put together with easy clicks”.

Users Report Excellent Design

One customer who bought it reckoned that it was good looking. Peter Piper rated it 5 stars and he said on Amazon in October last year “At around £18 for a box of 12 bags (Amazon product B002DBOH1W) at current prices (about £1.50 a bag), that seems pretty reasonable”.

One AEG USENERGY owner concluded that this vacuum cleaner was a good design. Katfishh wrote last year “Whisper quiet, Light, super powerfull with egonomic design features - fab!”.

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Users Report Good Environmental Credentials

One AEG USENERGY owner mentioned in their reviews that this vacuum cleaner was good in terms of recycling. In October last year Katharine Kirby scored the product very highly and she said “It is as green, clean, recycled and recyclable as can be” in her review of this vacuum cleaner.

One AEG USENERGY reviewer said in their reviews that this vacuum cleaner was good in terms of power usage. Arthur Dent mentioned on Amazon in October this year “Most hoovers inside the E.U have a lower wattage due to the Energy star ratings”.

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Customers Report Excellent Product Quality

One AEG USENERGY owner wrote in their reviews that the AEG USENERGY was good quality. I Love New York wrote on Amazon “Really well made and attractive as gas as a vacuum can be”.

Users Report That it is Robust

One AEG USENERGY owner wrote in their reviews that this vacuum cleaner was well made.

Users Report Excellent Technical Features

One AEG USENERGY reviewer who reviewed it reckoned that it had good features.

Customers Report Good Filter

One customer who reviewed it thought it had a good filter. Katfishh gave it a rating of 5 stars and mentioned in their AEG USENERGY review on Amazon “It has an allergy plus HEPa filter (great fo those with dust allergies”.

Customers Report That it is Not an Acceptable Size

Some customers thought this vacuum cleaner was not thick. In October last year Katharine Kirby mentioned in her review of this vacuum cleaner on Amazon “Loose covers and cushions change colour, carpets appear as newly mown lawns, hard floors come up completely dust free” although she rated the product as excellent.

Users Report Helpful Technical Guidance

One customer who bought this vacuum cleaner said that it had good technical guidance. Peter Piper said on Amazon “The version I received has the 800 watt, manual control machine” and gave the product a score of 5 stars.

Very Good Brand

We checked 616 user and expert reviews (including 327 verified purchases) for AEG vacuums and found that on average AEG has very good reviews compared to other manufacturers. 90% of those that bought a AEG vacuum cleaner would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.



The weight of the AEG USENERGY of 8kg is quite heavy compared to most other vacuum cleaners. It is in the heaviest 18% of all vacuums when sorted by this feature. Across all the vacuums the weights range from 2.7g to 30kg, and the average weight is 5.9kg.

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Average Maximum Input Power

The USENERGY has a fairly typical maximum input power (1,000 Watt) compared to most of the other vacuums.

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Not Cordless

The USENERGY is not cordless. 92% of vacuums are also not cordless.

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Has an Upholstery Nozzle Included

The AEG USENERGY has an upholstery nozzle included. 76% of vacuums do not have an upholstery nozzle included.

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Has a Brush Tool

The AEG USENERGY has a brush tool. 84% of vacuum cleaners do not have a brush tool.

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Released Over Four Years Ago

This vacuum has been on the market since January 2013.

Running Costs

OK Running Costs

The USENERGY has an average running cost of £246 over 10 years based on adequate usage levels and energy prices, which is typical compared to the other 1,561 vacuums.

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