Bissell 18Z7E
Bissell 18Z7E
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Bissell 18Z7E

£319.99 £230.00 cheaper than 41 days ago
A classic and 3 year old 1,850 Watt Upright vacuum vacuum cleaner
1,850W Upright Vacuum Wet & Dry 12.3kg Feb 2014
Maximum Input Power Type Cleaning Type Weight Release Date
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Bissell 18Z7E Review

With excellent reviews, we have ranked the Bissell 18Z7E number 375 across all vacuum cleaners.
100 Reviews
Missing Some Features
3 Years Old
Overall Score

Why Has it Scored 49?

It has great user reviews with an average user rating of 90%, based on 100 reviews. Numatic vacuums also have excellent reviews in general.
This vacuum cleaner is over 2 years old and it is likely that newer vacuum cleaners with better features are available. However it has good reviews so it may still be worth considering. View the latest vacuum cleaners 2017.
Customers report it is fairly priced, product quality and excellent design. However they also report that it is not an acceptable size, poor at cleaning pet hair and unsatisfactory technical guidance.
This Bissell vacuum cleaner is missing some features:

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Bissell 18Z7E In-Depth Analysis


Excellent User Reviews

People who bought this vacuum rated this vacuum cleaner 90 out of 100 on average. Over 80% of reviewers gave this vacuum cleaner the highest possible rating of 5 stars.

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Users Report That it is Fairly Priced

Several people wrote in their reviews that the Bissell 18Z7E was good value for money. Adam said on Amazon in October last year “Stop wasting money on cheaper models that will not do the job as well”. Corky said “Much better than my vax great cleaner well designed well worth the money” in their review. Domesticgoddess said in their review “We bought it at a good price and it included free delivery”.

Two Bissell 18Z7E reviewers said in their reviews that the product was a bargain for the price. Amazon Customer gave the product a score of 4 stars and mentioned in their review “The design is excellent and easy to deal with”. Two years ago Kathleen mentioned in her Bissell 18Z7E review on Amazon “What a bargain”.

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Users Report Superior Product Quality

A few customers concluded that the Bissell 18Z7E was good quality. Adam mentioned on Amazon “As soon as you take this out of the box you can tell the quality is superb” in his review of the Bissell 18Z7E. Alison W. scored it very highly and she mentioned in her review on Amazon in October this year “Was never impressed with the weight of the machine or the quality of clean so i decided to cut my losses”. Alison W. also mentioned “You do not notice once you are cleanng and as for the quality of clean I am very impressed”.

Users Report Excellent Design

Several customers thought the Bissell 18Z7E was good looking. Amazon Customer wrote “And although the shampoo is pretty damn expensive, I have found that the cleaner does a very good job”. J. Stephens mentioned “This is great though and dries the carpet pretty quick as well” in their Bissell 18Z7E review. Mr. S. V. Joyce said on Amazon “I thought this was a fantastic cleaner when I first got it, cleaned the carpets beautifully”.

Three Bissell 18Z7E owners who reviewed the Bissell 18Z7E said that it was well designed. Two years ago Dennis Farrell mentioned on Amazon “I have found this to be a well designed, robustly built” in his review of this vacuum cleaner. Tim Fernau said “The machine is very well designed and I found it easy to use both in floor mode”.

Several Bissell 18Z7E reviewers who reviewed it thought it was a good design. Four years ago P Nye Charbruc scored it very highly and mentioned on Amazon “Bought this cleaner to replace an older bissell cleaner i have, must say it, s a better design than the old one” in their Bissell 18Z7E review. Three years ago Robert said “Build - the main motor was designed for coffee grinders and has a design life of under 50 hours! The Bissell is in another class” in his review.

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Users Report That it is Robust

Six Bissell 18Z7E owners considered that this vacuum cleaner was well made. Adam gave the product an excellent review score and he said “The built in heater is a great feature as it ensures the water is at a constant temperature to clean the carpet” in his review. Dennis Farrell wrote “Robustly built and easy to use machine” . Mr F mentioned “The foot switch for handle is better quality you feel it will last much longer as solid construction than some of the cheaper plastic ones” and gave the product a score of 5 stars.

Some Bissell 18Z7E reviewers who purchased the product concluded that it was strong and durable. S. Westbrook mentioned on Amazon “Need something sturdy” and rated it as excellent. One Bissell 18Z7E reviewer considered that it was easy to damage or scratch. The Bear of Wisdom rated it 5 stars and said on Amazon two years ago “Powerfully (thought it was broken till I put it on the carpet”.

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Customers Report That it is Easy to Use

A number of Bissell 18Z7E owners agreed that this vacuum cleaner was easy to use. A. D. Easton mentioned on Amazon “I think it's easy to use, has a no nonsense way to fill” in their review of the Bissell 18Z7E and scored the Bissell 18Z7E 5 stars. Ade wrote a few weeks ago “Nice carpet cleaner, works well easy to use and no problems with it”. Deborah Taylor mentioned “Didn't have the chance to use it long enough to find out”.

Three customers who reviewed the product considered that it was easy to assemble. Adam mentioned on Amazon “The bissell was very easy to construct and it fairly heavy.” and scored the product very highly. Two years ago Amazon Customer said on Amazon “The Bissell was very easy to assemble needing just a phillips head screwdriver (not supplied” in their review of the Bissell 18Z7E. Amazon Customer also wrote “Very easy to put together and use”.

A number of Bissell 18Z7E owners who reviewed this vacuum cleaner reckoned that it was easy to setup. K. Reader said on Amazon “We are very impressed with its cleaning power, easy to set up and use, has shifted wine”. Stu wrote “The machine was easy to set-up and use” in their review of this vacuum cleaner and scored the product very highly.

One Bissell 18Z7E owner who reviewed it reckoned that it had a good experience. Dolphin mentioned on Amazon “So far my good experience with the brand is continuing” in their review of this vacuum cleaner.

One Bissell 18Z7E owner considered that it was easy to use the menus. E. Mears said in their review of this vacuum cleaner “The path up the centre was nearly black.I put it on the top settings and couldn't believe the results” and scored the product 5 stars.

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Customers Report That it is Not an Acceptable Size

Several Bissell 18Z7E reviewers mentioned in their reviews that it was not heavy and bulky. A few weeks ago Ade said on Amazon “Is accurate to use on a heavy stain, or muddy footprint”. In October Alison W. mentioned “Wow what a difference the machine is still a little heavy” in her review. Amazon Customer wrote on Amazon “Only little gripes - very heavy and hard work” in their Bissell 18Z7E review.

A few customers agreed that it was not thick. E. Mears mentioned in their review on Amazon “The suction was so strong I had big clumps of loose wet carpet fibre coming away from the areas that ar'nt walked on”. One customer who bought it said that it was not a good weight.

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Customers Report Easy to Empty

A few Bissell 18Z7E reviewers who bought the product wrote that it was easy to empty. Jf Thorne wrote on Amazon “Very easy to empty after use”. Mr F mentioned “Emptying is fine if you look at the clear instructions” in his review of the Bissell 18Z7E.

Customers Report Good Suction

Some Bissell 18Z7E reviewers considered that the Bissell 18Z7E had good suction. Mr F wrote “Feels better for it, critical on old machine, suction great carpet/rug was touch moist” in his Bissell 18Z7E review and gave the Bissell 18Z7E a very good review. Mr. S. V. Joyce said in their review “A few months down the line I'm seeing issues with suction clearly showing it's not made for anyone who has pets in their house” yet they scored the product 2 stars.

Bissell Has Very Good Vacuum Reviews

Based on 614 owner and expert reviews (including 198 verified purchases), Bissell has very good reviews for its vacuum cleaners. 91% of those that bought a Bissell vacuum cleaner would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.

Customers Report Excellent Technical Features

One customer who purchased the Bissell 18Z7E wrote that it had good features.

Users Report Poor At Cleaning Pet Hair

One Bissell 18Z7E reviewer thought this vacuum cleaner was not good at cleaning dog hair. Jakiwack wrote on Amazon “I have cream carpets & a black & tan German Shepherd dog, not a very good combination where dog hairs are concerned” in their review of this vacuum cleaner.

Customers Report Good Brush

One Bissell 18Z7E owner who bought it thought it had a good brush. Dolphin wrote in October last year “It had two rows of brush rollers (which help clear embedded cat fur” in their review of this vacuum cleaner.

Users Report Poor Technical Guidance

A number of Bissell 18Z7E reviewers who bought it reckoned that it did not have good technical guidance. This year Ade said on Amazon “So simple to use took 1 min to work it out without reading the instructions, its that easy”. C R Rowen wrote “The limited instruction said they must be secured by placing a back catch to hold the two together” in their review. Kathleen said in her Bissell 18Z7E review on Amazon “Anyway It was entirely my fault I had not secured the back as it clearly states in the instructions "that I didn't read" lol” nonetheless she still gave the Bissell 18Z7E a very good rating.

Value For Money

Mediocre Value for Money

The product has excellent reviews but mediocre features and is over 6 months old, and at £319.99 it is more expensive than 75% of vacuum cleaners.

Price Has Gone Down by £230 (42%)

The price has dropped from £549.99 to £319.99 in the last 41 days. Sign up to price alerts to be notified when the price changes.

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Fairly High Maximum Input Power

Vacuums have maximum input powers of between 3.6W and 8,600W. The Bissell 18Z7E has one of the higher maximum input powers (1,850 Watt) amongst vacuums of this age.

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The Bissell 18Z7E's weight of 12.3kg is in the heaviest 2% of all vacuum cleaners when ordered by this feature. Vacuum cleaners have weights of between 3.2g and 30kg, and the average weight is 5.9kg.

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Has a Flexible Hose

The Bissell 18Z7E has a flexible hose. 83% of vacuum cleaners do not have a flexible hose.

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Released Over Three Years Ago

This vacuum cleaner was released in February 2014.

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers bissell 18z7e
Barcodes 00011120084962

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