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Hoover AT70 ATSG011
Hoover AT70 ATSG011

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Hoover AT70 ATSG011 Vacuum Cleaner

700W Cylinder Vacuum Dust Bag 11m Dec 2014
Maximum Input Power Type Dust Container Type Operating Radius Release Date Energy Efficiency Rating
Good size
Nice design
Unacceptable noise level

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Unacceptable Noise Level

One person who reviewed the product considered that it was noisy. In April last year Nr2 mentioned on Amazon “Here I can adjust the slider easily without the sudden noise thrusting the vacuum into the highest mode”.

Weight & Dimensions

Good Size

One owner who purchased the product thought it was thin. Nr2 wrote “They are made of really thin plastic and don't inspire longevity” in their review of this vacuum cleaner but despite that they only rated it 60 out of 100. One person considered that the product was heavy and bulky.

One person considered that this vacuum cleaner was lightweight. Nr2 wrote on Amazon last year “The lightweight to hold Hoover Athos is fitted with a variable suction control motor that has been rated at 700 watts to comply with the EU regulations” in their review of this vacuum cleaner but even so they only rated it 3 stars out of 5.

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Reasonably Priced

One person wrote that the product was good value for money. Nr2 mentioned in their review of this vacuum cleaner on Amazon “The rest of the vacuum cleaner is made of cheap feeling plastics”.


Nice Design

One owner who bought the product thought it was neat. One person wrote in their reviews that the product was smooth.

Easy to Use

One customer who reviewed it thought it was easy to use. Nr2 said on Amazon “I'm pleased the Athos has a proper variable suction control though that lacks the poorer one on the Hoover TeliosPlus” in their review of this vacuum cleaner.

One person wrote in their reviews that it was comfortable and easy to hold.

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One customer concluded that it was well made. In April last year Nr2 wrote on Amazon “The mix of metal and plastic is most obvious though that the Athos has been built to a budget”.

Good Brush

One customer reckoned that the product had a good brush.


One person who purchased the Hoover AT70 ATSG011 said that it was easy to move around.

Good Suction

One person mentioned in their reviews that the product had good suction.


Released Over Two Years Ago

It was April 2017 when this low maximum input power vacuum cleaner was released.


Hoover Has Good Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

We checked 3,529 owner and expert reviews (including 876 verified purchases) for Hoover vacuum cleaners and found that on average Hoover has good reviews compared to other manufacturers. We also found that Hoover has good reviews specifically for its low maximum input power vacuum cleaners. 88% of those that bought a Hoover vacuum cleaner would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.


Only E Carpet Cleaning Performance Class

The Hoover AT70 ATSG011 has an E carpet cleaning performance class which is better than most comparable spec vacuum cleaners that came out more than two years ago. Most comparable spec vacuums that came out around the same time as it have a C carpet cleaning performance class. Across all vacuums of a comparable age and type to this vacuum the best carpet cleaning performance class is C and the worst is F.

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Product Identifiers

Barcodes 00000039001255, 08016361894211

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