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Hoover DIVA
Hoover DIVA

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Hoover DIVA Vacuum Cleaner

750W Cylinder Vacuum Dry 3.3kg Apr 2016
Maximum Input Power Type Cleaning Type Weight Release Date Energy Efficiency Rating
Average owner reviews
Poor design
Poor at cleaning pet hair
19 Reviews

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A Bit Expensive

One owner who purchased the Hoover DIVA concluded that it was not good value for money. Amazon Customer said “At this price you really can't complain at the quality you are getting, really recommend this!” in their review of this vacuum cleaner however they still gave the product a rating of the highest possible rating of 5 stars.


Average Owner Reviews

People who bought this vacuum cleaner rated this vacuum 75 out of 100 on average.

Hoover Has Good Reviews for Its Vacuum Cleaners

Based on 3,529 user and expert reviews (including 54 verified purchases), Hoover has good reviews for its vacuums. Hoover also has good reviews specifically for its medium maximum input power vacuums. 72% of those that bought a Hoover vacuum cleaner would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.


Poor Design

One customer who reviewed the Hoover DIVA thought it was not good looking.

One customer thought this vacuum cleaner was not well designed. Patrick O'donohue mentioned “The whistle goes away when the cleaner is sitting on its tail, which suggests to me that it is a design fault that will probably shorten its life” and gave it a rating of 1 stars out of 5.

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One person who bought the Hoover DIVA thought it was easy to damage or scratch.

Good Product Quality

One owner who purchased this vacuum cleaner reckoned that it was good quality.

Easy to Use

One person who purchased the Hoover DIVA concluded that it was easy to use. A few weeks ago Amazon Customer said on Amazon “Light weight handy for the stairs” although they gave it a rating of 60 out of 100.

Poor At Cleaning Pet Hair

One person reckoned that it was not good at cleaning dog hair. S G Shaw said “Cleaning up the dog hair won't seem such an arduous task now! Would definitely recommend this Hoover” in their review of this vacuum cleaner. One person considered that the Hoover DIVA was not good at cleaning pet hair.

Easy to Empty

Two owners mentioned in their reviews that the Hoover DIVA was easy to empty. S G Shaw said “It was easy to empty, not too noisy”. Patrick O'donohue said in his review of this vacuum cleaner “The only good comment I can make is that it’s got a really good dust container, easy to detach and re-attach and easy to empty, otherwise”.

Good Suction

Three owners thought it had good suction. P. Clark wrote on Amazon “Still great suction & movability” in their review of this vacuum cleaner and gave it a score of the highest possible rating of 5 stars. Mrs M said “This hoover has a really strong suction and helps keep my house hair free” and scored it a maximum of 5 stars.


Released Over a Year Ago

This medium maximum input power vacuum cleaner was released in April 2017.

Weight & Dimensions

Good Size

One person who reviewed the product concluded that it was compact. Dougie Blakeley said on Amazon in April “Excellent compact vacuum cleaner” in their review of the Hoover DIVA.


Across all the vacuums of a comparable age and type to this vacuum cleaner the weights range from 4.9g to 11kg, and the average weight is 5.7kg. The Hoover DIVA is quite light (only 3.3 kilograms) compared to most of the other vacuums that were launched around the same time as this vacuum.

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Acceptable Noise Level

One owner said in their reviews that it was noisy. This year Ivo said in their Hoover DIVA review on Amazon “It's awful noisy though”.


Average Noise Level

The Hoover DIVA has a pretty typical noise level (79 decibels) compared to most of the other vacuum cleaners that have been around for a comparable time to this vacuum.

Alternative 79dB noise level vacuum cleaners currently available which you might also want to look at include because of it's better review score, the Grundig V CC 4350 A, or the Electrolux ZB3102 (£137.99).

Alternative vacuum cleaners with a louder noise level that you might want to look at include the Hoover Diva DV70 (£49.95) (79dB).

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A Hard Floor Cleaning Performance Class

This vacuum has an A hard floor cleaning performance class, which is the most commonly found hard floor cleaning performance class on vacuums of this spec and age.

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C Carpet Cleaning Performance Class

This vacuum cleaner has a C carpet cleaning performance class, which is typical of many vacuum cleaners of this age and type.

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Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers hoover hovwr71wr01001hoover, hoover hoouvcvl81vl01001gr, hoover hoouvcth71bl02001bb, beading station uh70821pc, hoover hoocvcru70ru16001r, hoover hoocvctp71tp05001b, hoover hovla71wr01hoover, hoover hoouvctp71tp04bl, hoover hoouvcwr71wr02gr, hoover hoocvcse71wr02gr, hoover hoocvcse71wr01gr, hoover wr71wr0139100460, hoover hoocvcbf70vs01pu, hoover hoocvcsx70hu04si, hoover hoocvcsp71bl04bk, hoover hoouvcvr81hu01r, hoover hoouvcwr71wr01w, hoover hoocvcst71st01w, hoover th71br01breeze, hoover 8016361891913, hoover 8016361886223, hoover 8016361885080, about rkwwr71wr01001, hoover 8016361886285, about rkwse71sz04001, about epese71wr01001, about epevl81vl01001, about epehu71hu05001, about rkwal71sz02001, refurbished su204b2, zanussi zan7880ukel, home parts ltd 2in1, hoover tp71tp02001, hoover th71br01001, hoover sp81sp01001, hoover hu71hu05001, hoover hu71hu02001, hoover th71br02001, hoover se71wr01001, hoover sx70hu04002, hoover mpn39100424, hoover tp71tp05001, hoover re71ve25001, hoover th71sm03001, hoover bf70vs01001, hoover th71vx01001, hoover al71sz02001, hoover vr81hu01001, hoover sp81bl11001, hoover th71sm02001, hoover xp71id20001, hoover th71sm01001, hoover vl81vl01001, hoover ru80ve11001, hoover vr81vr01001, hoover br71br02001, hoover gl71gl02001, hoover se71sz04001, hoover vr81vr02001, hoover sp81bl03001, hoover th71vx03001
Barcodes 00000010158958, 00000039001171, 00000039001176, 00000039001178, 00000039001186, 00000039001192, 00000039001195, 00000039001236, 00000039001237, 00000039001239, 00000039001246, 00000039001249, 00000039001359, 00000039001400, 00000039001453, 00000039100400, 00000039100402, 00000039100410, 00000039100424, 00000039100428, 00000039100434, 00000039100460, 00000039100461, 00000039100462, 00000039100474, 00000039100479, 00000039300242, 00000039400171, 00000039400194, 00011120225693

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