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VAX Powermax VRS20W
VAX Powermax VRS20W
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VAX Powermax VRS20W Vacuum Cleaner

1,000W Upright Vacuum Wet 10.2kg Jun 2015
Maximum Input Power Type Cleaning Type Weight Release Date
Good brand
Good at cleaning pet hair
Poor design
3 Reviews
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Poor Design

One VAX Powermax VRS20W owner who purchased the product concluded that it was not good looking. Lee Stoddart wrote “It pulled up a surprising amount of sand/grit from the carpets even though I had just "Dysened" them (can't say "Hoovered") It is pretty simple to use” but he gave the product a rating of 80 out of 100.

One VAX Powermax VRS20W owner who reviewed this vacuum cleaner thought it was not a good design.

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Easy to Use

One customer wrote that the VAX Powermax VRS20W was easy to use. Marigoldw said on Amazon “I found the powermax very simple and easy to use” in their review of the VAX Powermax VRS20W and scored the VAX Powermax VRS20W 4 stars.

Good At Cleaning Pet Hair

One VAX Powermax VRS20W reviewer said in their reviews that this vacuum cleaner was good at cleaning dog hair.


Good Brand

Based on 4,216 expert and owner reviews (including 1,247 verified purchases), VAX has good reviews for its vacuum cleaners. VAX also has good reviews specifically for its medium maximum input power vacuums compared to other manufacturers. 93% of those that bought a VAX vacuum cleaner would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.


Released Over a Year Ago

It was April 2017 when VAX released the Powermax VRS20W.

Weight & Dimensions

Very Heavy

The Powermax VRS20W is very heavy (10.2 kilograms) compared to most of the other vacuums of a comparable type and age to this vacuum cleaner. The average weight of vacuum cleaners that were released one year ago is 5.7kg, and the weights range from 4.9g to 11kg.

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