VAX Vacuum Cleaners

The 10 Best VAX Vacuum Cleaners - June 2017

Every week we analyse the technical specs, reviews and prices of every VAX vacuum cleaner on the market in the UK to determine our top 10 list.
In total we compared over 4,150 vacuum cleaners, 30,300 reviews and 17,800 prices. Last updated 16 June 2017.

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VAX Vacuum Cleaners

VAX Vacuum Cleaner Prices

The price range of VAX vacuums is from £31 to £446 and in total we found prices for 56 VAX vacuums. The average price of a new VAX vacuum is £93 and 80% of VAX vacuum cleaners are priced between £45 and £145. The VAX C85-AC-PH-E is the most expensive VAX vacuum that we found at £446, and the VAX Air Cordless is the cheapest at only £31.

Price Range of VAX Vacuum Cleaners

The 45th highest average vacuum price out of all brands is VAX vacuum cleaners with an average price of £93. VAX vacuum cleaners range in price from £31 to £446.

Average Rating of VAX Vacuums

We have evaluated 224 expert reviews and 28,001 user reviews for vacuums available online and used this data to calculate an average rating for vacuums of 81%. This means that VAX the 23rd best rated vacuum brand.

When Are Most New VAX Vacuums Released?

Over the last 3 years we couldn't see any noticeable trend in the release month for new VAX vacuums. In 2016 most new VAX vacuum cleaners were released in June, with three new VAX vacuum cleaners released that month. 16 new VAX vacuums were released in June 2015 making it the biggest month that year as well for new VAX vacuum cleaner releases. February was the biggest month in 2014 for new VAX vacuums, with nine new VAX vacuums released that month.

How Fast Do VAX Vacuum Prices Drop After Release?

Most vacuums drop in price by 1% in the first 6 months after release, however VAX vacuum cleaners tend to depreciate slower. In the first 6 months after release, VAX vacuum cleaners drop in price by 0% on average. On a typical new VAX vacuum cleaner costing £163, by waiting 6 months before buying you could save on average £1.