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Microsoft LifeCam Cinema
Microsoft LifeCam Cinema
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Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcam

No Yes 1MP 1280 X 720 Pixels May 2011
Full HD Built-In Microphone Megapixel Maximum Video Resolution Release Date
Eight industry awards
A top selling product
Has a built-in microphone Gold Bronze Editor's Choice Platinum Award Trusted Reviews Recommended
896 Reviews + 8 Awards
Amazon UK £41.48
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Good Picture Quality

Eighteen owners wrote in their reviews that the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema produced a sharp image, six people thought this webcam produced a good quality image and five people who purchased this webcam concluded that it produced clear images. two people reckoned that it had good colour saturation.

Good Sound Quality

Sixty-eight people who bought it said that it had a good microphone.


Unacceptable Noise Level

Five owners who bought it considered that it was noisy.

  • They are well balanced and sufficiently loud
  • Picture quality is excellent and sound is loud and clear
  • It works very well in lower lighting with minimal visual noise even in quite dim conditions
  • Rather than sounding like someone speaking into a tin can it's very much more natural sounding which is important for voice calls (it has noise cancelling too) Video quality is good
    Mr Baz (Amazon) - June 2014
  • The microphone has noise cancelling as well, so doesn't broadcast noise like computer fan hum for example
  • Unless your computer is completely silent and you don't have any air con on, this microphone WILL pick up on it
    Annika ( - September 2011


Eight Industry Awards

Experts in webcams really like this webcam and have given it eight awards.

The writers at review websites Trusted Reviews and both decided that concluded that they would endorse this Microsoft webcam and gave it their "Recommended" award.

Three additional expert review sites all liked this webcam. The writer at website gave this Microsoft webcam an "Excellent Hardware" award, confirming their endorsement and the author at review website gave it a "Bronze" award and thought it was good. This webcam also received an "Editor's Choice Platinum Award" from review site who decided it was excellent.

The writer at one more expert review site decided that this Microsoft webcam was fantastic and gave it one of their highest awards. This webcam received a "Gold" award from

This Microsoft webcam received a "Very Good" award from and gave it a "Good Choice" award.

Good Expert Reviews

Based on 17 expert reviews from sites including Trusted Reviews, Techradar, Digital Versus and PC Mag this webcam has an average expert rating of 84 out of 100. This puts this Microsoft webcam in the top 12% of all the similar spec webcams that were launched more than two years ago when ranked by average expert review score.

Owner Reviews Are Good

On average, LifeCam Cinema owners rated this webcam 87%. Over 84% of reviewers gave this webcam either 4 or 5 stars and 88% of those asked said they would recommend buying it to others.

Good Brand

Based on 1,908 owner and expert reviews (including 383 verified purchases), Microsoft has good reviews for its webcams. Microsoft also has good reviews specifically within its webcams range compared to other manufacturers. 85% of those that bought a Microsoft webcam would recommend the product that they bought to other buyers.

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Superior Technical Features

Four owners wrote that this webcam had good features.

  • The web cam lacks certain features
  • The software that comes with it has some fun features, also
    Geekster ( - February 2011
  • It was easy to set up, produces clear pictures and has the bonus of fun features that youngsters would enjoy playing with - adding cartoon features to images, stretching
    BellBean (Amazon) - March 2014
  • The picture quality and wide screen facilities are outstanding
    Mally (Amazon) - January 2013


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Reasonably Priced

Sixty customers who reviewed it concluded that it was good value for money.

Average Priced

We think this Microsoft webcam has an average price compared to other webcams that were released more than two years ago. We checked 51 webcams that were released more than two years ago and they range in price from £4 to £436.


Easy to Use

Twenty-five customers said in their reviews that it was easy to setup, eighteen people who purchased the product concluded that it was easy to use and four owners wrote in their reviews that the product was easy to use the menus. two customers considered that the product was comfortable and easy to hold.


Twenty-seven owners who purchased it reckoned that it was well made and four people who reviewed it reckoned that it was strong and durable.

Great Product Quality

One hundred and fourty-three owners considered that it was good quality.

Nice Design

Ten customers mentioned in their reviews that this webcam was neat, ten customers who bought it wrote that it was good looking and four owners wrote in their reviews that it was smooth. four people mentioned in their reviews that it was well designed.

Has a Built-In Microphone

The LifeCam Cinema has a built-in microphone. Most of the other webcams that came out more than two years ago also have a built-in microphone.

We think you might also be interested in some of the other webcams with a built-in microphone currently available including the Microsoft LifeCam Studio which is cheaper.

We compared all the other webcams which also have a built-in microphone to this webcam and we think the HD-3100 (£43.63), or the 1300 (£46.99) both from HP are also worth considering.

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Does Not Have a Built-In Flash

Like most of the other similar spec webcams that have been on the market for around the same time as this webcam, the LifeCam Cinema does not have a built-in flash.

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A Top Selling Product

The LifeCam Cinema is a popular choice of webcam according to sales data from Amazon.

Released Over Six Years Ago

Microsoft released the LifeCam Cinema in May 2011.


Average Megapixel

The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema has a relatively standard megapixel (1 megapixel) compared to most of the other webcams that have been on the market for more than two years.

If this webcam megapixel is not high enough for you then you might want to look at the HP HD-3100 (£43.63) (5MP), or the Logitech C510 (8MP).

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1280 X 720 Pixels Video Resolution

The highest video resolution of the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is 1280 x 720 pixels. That's over three times the video resolution of a 640 x 480 pixels webcam, which is the most common video resolution. The video resolution of all webcams of this age and spec ranges from 640 x 480 pixels (worst) to 1600 x 1200 pixels (best).

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Has a Zoom Capability

The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema has a zoom capability, as do most of the other webcams that are a comparable age to this webcam.

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Does Not Have an Auto Focus

Like most of the other webcams of this age and type, the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema does not have an auto focus.

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Not Full HD

This webcam is not full HD.

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Packaging Data

Has a Laptop Clamp

The LifeCam Cinema has a laptop clamp. Most of the other webcams that have been around for more than two years also have a laptop clamp.

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Weight & Dimensions

Good Size

Five customers concluded that it was compact, two customers mentioned in their reviews that it was a good body shape and two customers wrote that the product was thin.

  • The other general plus of the system is the body based image stabilisation system
    Popo ( - February 2009
  • Had them for about 2 months very good sound amazing too, wire is very thin then expected
  • In terms of its physical form the camera looks compact and very well made
    Pepper ( - February 2013
  • The image is squashed and auto brightness doesn't work so in daylight the image was all white
  • The sleek tubular body is elegant and aesthetically pleasing, yet blends in perfectly so it does not look out of place
  • It is very bad quality, constantly falling out of the ears as the (metal) plugs are far too heavy
  • There really good, clear sound the only thing is the ear piece is heavy so tends to fall out
    Sam ( - October 2015
  • Very impressive small and compact unit, well worth the money
  • Installation and ease of setup - fantastic Picture & build quality - excellent The unit is lightweight and the clamp is novel plus is usable for both laptops
    AlanG (Amazon) - July 2013
  • Very small and compact
    Mattia Caputo (Amazon) - December 2011

Product Identifiers

Manufacturer Part Numbers microsoft h5d00014, microsoft h5d00015, microsoft 6ch00002
Barcodes 00012304257110, 00012304320074, 00081717630872, 00083777192369, 00085477551484, 00088021285910, 00151903007365, 00163120268023, 00645439021303, 00733199415163, 00882224897921, 00882224897938, 00882224897945, 00882224897952, 00882224948746, 00882224966979, 00885370249361, 00885370249378, 00885370249408, 00885370249415, 00885370428520, 00885370428537, 00885370428544, 00885370428575, 00999992480382, 00999994709719, 03610480094474, 04988648770188, 04988648770225, 05052733215676

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Review Sources

To prepare this Microsoft LifeCam Cinema review we compared this webcam to 280 other models. For each webcam that we compared, we collated thousands of pieces of information including technical specs, reviews, and prices. In total we analysed 41,292 product attributes, 15,797 webcam reviews and 665,900 historical webcam prices from 0 webcam retailers. We then picked out the standout features of this webcam compared to the other models as well as any areas where this webcam is lacking.



£ 19.79
£20 Cheaper
Twice as good sensor type
68% longer cable length
Lower megapixel count
HP 2100


£ 23.17
£17 Cheaper
Vastly smaller minimum RAM
11x smaller minimum hard disk space
Older by over one year
£9 Cheaper
Newer by three years
Vastly better Digital Versus review
91% wider
Logitech C270


£ 12.50
£27 Cheaper
512MB smaller minimum RAM
Significantly smaller minimum hard disk space
Older by over two years
£30 Cheaper
512MB smaller minimum RAM
Significantly smaller minimum hard disk space
Older by over two years
£26 Cheaper
Smaller minimum RAM
Smaller minimum hard disk space
4.1mm taller